Answering Bail…..

Tomorrow at 1pm I answer bail for the accusations made against me by MP for Clwyd West David Jones.

He accuses me under section 106 of the 1983 representations of peoples act, that during the last electoral period I published untrue and inflammatory material about him on this blog, which could of effected his chance of being re-elected.
I did not.
Having phoned ST Ashaph police station today to find out whether I need to attend they informed me yes, so I can be re-interviewed.
Well there’s a surprise, after all this is sacked ex secretary of state for Wales David Jones, who promised to do all he can to cause as much harm to me and my family as possible because I refuse to desist in my persistence in exposing him to be one of the authors/contributors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar.
This case he has tried to bring against me is not in the public interest. has so far cost the tax payer thousands and all because Jones does not want his involvement in that troll blog exposed.
It is completely understandable why he wants his involvement kept quiet, especially as since the very beginning of this mess he has publicly denied all involvement.
It won’t do much for his career when the truth does come out, which it will.
This person will use every connection at his disposal to achieve his promise, Ranking police officers, senior staff at the CPS, fellow politicians and of course his mates in the Freemasons, all of which are rife throughout the institutions mentioned.
I will not stop in my efforts to expose the truth.