MP For Clwyd West, David Ian Jones & His Official Police Statement Continued…..

And so it goes on, the web of lies that is, this not so honourable MPs statement!!

Page 6, In the first paragraph Jones gives a prime insight into his snobbery.
“To my surprise he appeared to be a reasonable individual”

This is a reference to the phone call he made to me. What did he the expect? The arrogant snob.

Jones continues “I was prepared to see Windmill but not a large group”
(here Jones is referring to VOO,, the group I formed last year)
“Which included Creamer”.

Now why would he refer to Michael Creamer in that manner? he had never met him…….oh silly me, Jones is pre-judging him. Lets hope Jones never becomes a magistrate or the like, innocent before proved guilty would not apply with him.

 If you went up before him you would be buggered unless of course your a snivelling, wine gum supplying, arse licking …. like Bryan George/a Freemason.

The second paragraph is so so, but I feel I must be pedantic here Jones, you said “I spent almost an hour with them and repeated several times that I was not the author of the blog and made it clear that I was displeased with Mr Windmills suggestions I was”.

Jones you actually repeated your non involvement with that blog at least 30-40 times and then said “I have never had anything to do with that blog in anyway, I have never authored that blog nor have I ever contributed to that blog”.

Now Jones your a legal person (sorry can’t bring myself to call you a man), if we were in a court of law and you repeated what you said in your statement, you would been seen as a liar and unreliable, because you know exactly what you said, it is as above.

The word contributed will one day be your downfall, so come on lets try to be honest Jones, you know that word? do you? You appear to have difficulty with it so here is a definition just for you:

Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc. Furthermore, honesty means being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere.

I have put it in big letters for you Jones so you cannot get confused, now I know there are some big words if you have difficulty please do not hesitate to let me know and I will assist the best I can.

Paragraph three is just…..well we will see!

Jones goes on to speak about the meeting my wife and I were invited to with Dylan Moore, five days after we met with Jones.

Jones says “As I understand it during the meeting he (Moore) suggested that I had made non-anonymous comments on the blog. In fact he was confused by the fact that I had exchanged comments with the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ Twitter account, he never suggested that I was an author of the blog”.

TUT TUT TUT JONES, you really are a terrible liar, lets dissect that last paragraph.

  1. Moore never suggested you had made non-anonymous comments, he actually said “He (meaning you), regularly contributed to the blog you know, it was his job you know, he’s a politician you know, it’s what he does you know”. Moore says this about you Jones more than once.
  2. Now this next bit makes me cringe, if your going to lie Jones, you need to remember that which you have already said.

You say Moore was confused when he said about your being a regular contributor to the blog and that Moore was referring to the Twitter account not the blog, lie lie lie lie lie. This all comes back to memories and lies.

Jones you told my wife and I quite clearly and on more than one occasion that you had never had anything to do with that blog in anyway what so ever, you never communicated with the blog or its authors and you only started reading it last summer when it attacked Guto Bebb. This conversation as you know was recorded, covertly I should add.

The Thoughts of Oscar Twitter account was a pivotal part of that blog one would not have existed without the other, you know we have over thirty Tweets made by you communicating with that Twitter account from your official parliamentary Twitter account, all these Tweets you quickly deleted when on 09-09-2014 ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was forced to close.

You silly little man you did not reckon on the web site which gathers every deleted Tweet made by MPs from all over the world.

When we published your Tweets/lies you got in touch with Twitter to complain about and as a consequence they were removed, but by then you were to late, if you are so innocent why did you do that?

Below are some examples of your Tweets in the event you need a more visual reminder:


Jones I would suggest that before you open your mouth from now on, you consider sticking to the truth because you are a terrible liar.

Jones then goes on to say “Windmill sought to distort this and intensified a campaign of harassment against me”.

Again another lie, I cannot distort that which is said by you to me and recorded, the words are from yours and Moore’s own mouths, I did not sit in front of you with a gun pointed at your head and tell you what to say, in fact I was quite surprised at how talkative and careless you both were being, when it came to what you had to say. 

Jones then goes on about his associated contributors/authors to that troll blog, I will discuss them at a later date.

Jones points out that I complained about North Wales police’s connection with the blog and how he discussed this with DS John Hanson, Jones says “I had a meeting with Mr Hanson when I expressed my concerns about the harassment I received from Windmill”.

It,s is very interesting that Jones says he met with Hanson with regards to me and my so called harassment of him.

Why was Hanson meeting with Jones during an official police investigation into the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog and its authors? remembering that Jones had been accused by not only myself but others independent of me, of being one of the authors/contributors?

In this case what happened to SUB-JUDICE ?

THE INVESTIGATION INTO THAT BLOG WAS A SHAM, this only helps to prove it, Hanson has yet again acted unprofessionally and more importantly, partially, but then they are fellow Freemasons.

There was never any harassment on my part, I have only ever sought the truth, that is something MP for Clwyd West David Jones knows nothing about.

Page 7, to come.