The Not So Honourable MP For Clwyd West David Jones

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Jones continues to address the issue of a legal writ I served upon him for deformation, Jones says:

“He demanded £10,000 pounds and an apology”. A writ is not a demand, within a writ of this type there is included a suggested figure of compensation, Jones is over egging the cake for effect.

Jones continues: “I instructed solicitors in London to deal with this on my behalf. They wrote back to him to say I was not the author of the blog and in any event the matters he refereed to, do not amount to deformation as he was not named in the blog”.

Now this again is where Jones and his legal team slip up! how do they know I was not mentioned in that troll blog, I in fact was, but why would they say that? After all they say Jones was not an author, so if that were true, he would have no knowledge as to whether I was mentioned in than blog or not. More lies…..

Jones goes on and accuses me of conducting a campaign against him over social media, I did not I only ever published factual comments and posts to obtain the truth. A word that Jones appears to have great difficulty with.

Jones continues to say that my wife has made illicit recordings while in meetings with him and Moore, she did not, I made covert recordings of those meetings, legally, because I had reason to believe Jones, Moore and all the others I have recorded were in fact lying about their involvement with the ‘Troll blog thoughts of Oscar’, therefore committing an offence.

I have since be proved right, so my actions were justified.

For Jones’s benefit, here is the meaning of illicit:

another word for illegal                  and here’s the meaning for covert: concealed or secret.

There you go Jones, I hope that helps.
Jones then goes on to say about his complaining to various social media company’s about these published recordings and my so called many Twitter accounts!!!! YouTube refused to delete the covert, not, illicit recordings, Twitter did suspend My account @welshpapa, but then reinstated it when they found it to be un-associated with any kind of obnoxious behaviour.
Jones accuses me of operating numerous accounts, like, @thoughtsofoscar, He knew full well this account had been operated for seven years by his associate Nigel Roberts, we have 48 tweets from his parliamentary Twitter account, directly communicating with the @thoughtsofoscar account……more lies from the mouth of Jones.
Other accounts he wrongly accuses me of operating are @victimsofoscar, @mrsllandudno, @mrtacsi, @mrllandudno & @conwylocal.
All these accounts have had nothing to do with me and that has been clarified with Twitter, More lies Jones.
Jones then goes on to involve others, insinuating they were in collusion with me, by coincidence both the people he involves were two of the worst effected victims of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ which Jones was a regular author/contributor, despite his continued denials. I will not mention their names hear as they and there families have been through enough.
Jones then goes on to say about the various meetings he had with DS Hanson (The officer in charge of the unprofessional and corrupt investigation into the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, carried out only because it was ordered by the deputy police commissioner, after MP for Aberconwy Guto Bebb, highlighted his concerns about that troll blog and it,s authors in his commons speech on 09-09-2014) as I have asked before, why was Hanson meeting with one of the main author/contributors to that blog both during and after his so called investigation into that blog? what happened to SUB JUDICE?
Jones continues: saying the allegations that were being made against him were distressing to him and his wife. They were not, they were the truth and the truth hurts. What about all the distress he and his co-authors/contributors to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ caused over a seven year period to countless people, their families which included young and even disabled children, local business’s and even their deceased relatives. Does Jones give a hoot about them? no of course he does not.
All Jones is worried about is himself, his status, and his career.
Jones then harps on about the leaflets I produced and distributed, in his words to “malign him”, these leaflets were for information purpose only and completely factual, as follows:



Jones also to goes to say; “Inquiries conducted by Dylan indicated that Windmill is without apparent means, otherwise I would have sued him for libel”. What Jones meant to say is I have not got a pot to piss in.
What this silly person does not know is a few years back we as a family had a good settled life abroad, we were forced to sell everything we owned in order that we could get the treatment our disabled son required (we were not aware of his disabilities until he was about two and a half years old). Eventually we were forced to move back to the UK.
What the reader must remember is this is the same little boy that the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ refereed to like this: “parents of disabled children are selfish for bringing them into this world , disabled children are a drain on society”.
How bloody disgusting is that? and had it not been for that comment I would not be fighting Jones and his co-authors/contributors for the truth.
People like Jones make themselves out to be whiter than white, but they are not, they are devious little people who use and abuse their positions in life to do others down. They use the cloak of anonymity to attack innocent people over the internet, then when challenged they deny all knowledge.
I’m glad I’m me because I could never & would never behave in such an appalling manner.
More from Jones tomorrow.

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  1. Jones, and so that we are sure of which one to whom I am refering, David Ian Jones, sitting Member of Parliament for the constituancy of Clwyd West, also wrote lies about me.
    I have not even started with him yet! I am giving him a chance to absorb the damning evidence about him, that has been, and is continuing to be recorded about him onthe Internet and Social Media. I am sure this Blog has yet more to expose and as the old adage goes, "You ain't seen nothing yet!". All may rest assured that when I get going, no holds will be barred, and no stone left unturned to discredit this excuse of a man.

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