The End Is Nigh……

The not so honourable MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones and the last two pages of his official police statement.

Over the last week I have published this persons official police statement about me, I have dissected it and clearly pointed out the obvious lies within it.

I believe I have also demonstrated how manipulative his statement is and how favourably he and his fellow authors/contributors to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ have been treated by North Wales Police and particularly DS John Hanson and DC Chris Walsh.

The most disturbing thing for myself and all other 28 members of VOO, is the fact that these two police officers were given the responsibility of investigating the actions of those responsible for that dreadful troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. (we are all to mind full of what a stitched up, one sided, corrupt investigation that was). Clearly Hanson, Walsh and others more senior were obviously sympathetic toward the very people they were investigating, that is proved within this statement made by Jones.

Questions need to be asked why were these officers so actively helping these people whilst investigating all the complaints brought about them and their troll blog? what ever happened to being impartial and more importantly what happen to sub-judice?

So let us continue: the last section on page eight concentrates on the post I published about Jones on the 02-05-2015.
This is the very post in which Jones accuses me of breaking section 106 of the 1983 law, the representation of the peoples act. The main point being…..106 false statements as to candidates.
In his statement Jones breaks it down into six points.

Jones says “The blog horrified me. It made the following accusations:

  1. “That I had been an author and contributor to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog”. “Which I did not”.

Sorry Jones either you are lying or both your long term business partner Dylan Moore is or Ian Ralph your computer tech is. So which is it Jones? personally I believe you are lying.

     2.   “That I had taken dishonesty to a new level”. “I am not dishonest”.

Sorry Jones after all the evidence I have gathered against you I stand by that which I published, you are dishonest and I have never met anyone so dishonest, so again I stand by what I said when I said you had taken dishonesty to a new level.

     3.   “That the government Chief whip Michael Gove, had had to take me to task over dishonesty”. “This is untrue Mr Gove has never suggested that I am dishonest because I am not”.

So here we go again Jones, do you not remember a meeting which you and a colleague had with Mr Gove after Guto Bebbs Commons speech on the 09-09-2014? during that meeting Mr Gove discussed with you and your colleague the Thoughts of Oscar affair, you during that meeting blurted out that you had known all along that Nigel Roberts was behind the blog, Mr Gove was shocked at this revelation because prior to that you had denied all knowledge, so as a consequence Mr Gove took you to task.

     4.   “That I had fiddled expenses to the tune of £86,000, This is untrue.

This is not how the news reports seemed to me, when a headline reads ‘forced to pay back’.

     5.   “That I used my position to get friends privileged audiences with high ranking police officers”. ” I assume this refers to a meeting I attended with Dylan Moore and Chief superintendent Simon Humphrey’s”.

I think you clarified that accusation for me Jones, thanks.

     6.   “As a member of the Masons I helped influence certain legal cases”. “I assume this refers to the case when Michael Creamer lost his appeal against the proceeds of crime order that had been made against him”. “Windmill has blogged that I intervened with the presiding Judge at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Davis, he went on to describe me as being the most corrupt and dishonest person he has ever had the displeasure of speaking to”. “I can now produce a printed copy of this blog post which I now produce to this court by the exhibit number D1J1”.

Point six is the most interesting so lets brake it down:

  1. You are a member of the Masons. Fact. during the meeting you invited my wife and I to at your constituency office on the 02-11-2014, not only did you spend 57 minutes pleading your innocence with the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog’, very surprisingly you suddenly were very concerned as to why I had, prior to this interview, on social media, hinted at a masonic influence. Then your PA Bryan George chirped up in a rather panicky fashion, in protest of the same, why? I find that very suspicious, in much the same way as I found your pleading innocence from having anything to do with that troll blog.
  2. Why would you say Jones, “I assume this refers to the case when Michael Creamer lost his appeal against the proceeds of crime”? I had never mentioned that case in my post, but you assumed that all on your own, why? I think that’s highly suspicious of you and clearly supports what I wrote. Just for clarification, yes I was referring to Mr Creamers appeal case, let me explain…..You are a Member of the Privy Council, you earned that right when for a brief period you were Secretary of State for Wales. Davis is also a member of the same.       I am reliably informed Davis also worked along side/under you, at one time. most importantly during Mr Creamers appeal hearing Justice Davis once he refused the appeal turned round to Mr Creamer and said “and your Taxi business was a sham”!!! this is in the court transcripts of the appeal so cannot be denied, but that accusation/expression had only ever been stated once before and that was on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ during Mr Creamers criminal trial in 2010. So either justice Davis was an avid reader of that blog or that information was passed to him by one of the authors/contributors to the blog………you.
  3. You proceed with your Jackanory sorry story by saying, “He went on to describe me as being the most corrupt and dishonest person he has ever had the displeasure of speaking to”.  What’s wrong with me saying that Jones, after everything I have discovered about you and after spending time in your company, listening to your pleadings and lies, I have every right to my opinion of you and completely stand by it.
  4. You, Jones then go on to say, “I have no doubt that blog post was intended by Windmill to affect my prospects of retaining the Clwyd West seat adversely”. What a load of bull, you Jones have already stated that I am pot less, declaring had it been otherwise you would have sued me. Jones you are trying to use a law that I have clearly not broken to prosecute me at the expense of the tax payer for what would ordinarily be a civil matter because you have no grounds to do so your self, everything I have published about you is fact and sooner or later you will be publicly outed, of that I have no doubt.

You actually increased your majority, so my little post had no detrimental effect what so ever, perhaps in hindsight I did you a favour…….mine is a pint please!

So Jones, pray continue to use your friends in North Wales police etc to pursue me in the hope of shutting me up, only my death will achieve that. Better still Jones I hope this ends up in court, the evidence I have at my disposal will at the very least expose your lies.