Taken with the kind consent of Mr Llandudno…..

The Coward of the County

Rumourz has it that Nigel backed out of a recent court appearance where he was due to be cross examined by a solicitor regarding an incident on Gloddaeth Street back in April 2015.

We were quite surprised because Nigel is well known for threatening anyone who dares to stand up to him with the lines of “I’ll see you in court” often being uttered to try and intimidate folk.

Look at the following email that ‘Oscar’ sent to a former resident of the town a Mr Craig Ollerton, it sounds very much like Nigel was in the throws of another mental health breakdown when he wrote this email!

Why on earth can’t Mr Ollerton talk to you like that Nigel??? Who the hell do you think you are?? Other than a jumped up alcoholic, teddy bear selling old man?

Perhaps Mr Ollerton had had enough of years of harassment coming from you and your cronies, perhaps you were aware of the fact that Mr Ollerton knew exactly who was behind Thoughts of Oscar, you couldn’t control him or bully him anymore and because of this thought you’d try to bully him with court action!

Of course you’d tried that one before hadn’t you, when Mr Ollerton uncovered the truth back in 2009, you trotted down to Trinity Square to get your fellow blog crony Dylan Moore to write a letter to Mr Ollerton threatening him with defamation. 

You’re a coward Nigel, always have been, always will be, hiding behind your friends, threatening legal action to bully people when you haven’t got the balls to be cross examined.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Back Again

No sooner has he announced his retirement then it looks like he’s up & running!

Can you not leave it alone Nigel?