Nigel Roberts Llandudno’s Disgusting Internet Troll & His Latest Troll Blog, CSI Llandudno…..

Recently Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno and his co- authors/contributors gave birth, (the only thing Mr & Mrs troll could give birth to), to their new troll blog CSI Llandudno.

CSI Llandudno’s sole purpose in life was to attack all victims of their previous troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Once their previous victims became aware of this new blog, the blog and it’s contents were immediately reported to North Wales police.

At the time the blog was reported, it was being published from Llandudno….how do we know this? we had the IP address traced.

With immediate effect the blog disappeared, much to the relief of it’s victims, but this was to be short lived and within 24 hours it was back up and running.

Nigel Roberts is a North Wales police informant, this is something we were made aware of by his solicitor Dylan Moore and is something I have previously blogged about.

North Wales police, more importantly we believe DS John Hanson, informed Roberts that his new blog had been reported but they, the police were duty bound to be seen, to be investigating the report.

Roberts closed the blog down, temporarily, then arranged for his friend and co-troll Steve ‘Rico’ Davies to re-publish it for him.

Davies is an ex pat living in California and employed at the university of California. Re-publishing the blog from there, made it much more difficult, but not impossible, for a UK police force to investigate and consequently prosecute those responsible. A clever move on the part of Roberts and his co-trolls.

From that moment on the blog attacked, relentlessly, all the victims of Oscar, VOO,

Everything published on that blog was screen shot and provided for evidence to North Wales Police.

Nigel Roberts is not the brightest of sparks and began to make mistakes, he would for example, use pseudonyms he had created for the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog’, to respond to the vile posts he published, and used them for the same purpose on the CSI blog. He would write the posts and response’s, then in turn, Davies published them.

As with many of us Roberts writing style is very distinctive, we, that is to say the blogs victims made the police aware of the obvious comparisons, both in writing styles and the blog posts responders.

A huge amount of irrefutable evidence was provided to North Wales police. The police were eventually forced to interview Roberts under caution.

Roberts made a very big mistake, he said on the 27-04-2015, that he had never previous to that date heard of the blog CSI Llandudno, he stated this in an official police statement, what he forgot to take into account, seven days earlier on the closed page of his de-funct blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar he published this comment:

Alas this was still not enough according to the CPS to prosecute Roberts, no shock there then.

I will publish the CSI blog in its entirety, it will be interesting to see what you the reader makes of it.