Is This A Conspiracy…..

Nigel Roberts, a fine figure of a troll, out for a stroll with his moll.

This is the toad like person who for years derived pleasure, attacking who ever, he and his co-authors/contributors to his troll blogs, choose.

They cared nothing of the effect their despicable internet bullying had on their chosen victims.

It mattered nothing to them if their victims were disabled, children, gay, adults, local businesses, or the deceased.

With the protection of those members of North Wales police who assisted them, they ruled the roost for seven years.

Until one brave local politician MP Guto Bebb, for Aberconwy, decided to pick up the mantle, standing up for several of his constituents that had been seriously effected by these horrible parasites. They addressed their concerns with him. Mr Bebb sort to expose that troll blog and some of its authors in a House of Commons Speech he made on the 09-09-2014.

Many of the people effected did not reside in Mr Bebbs constituency, many resided in the neighbouring constituency of Clwyd West.

Some of those residents, Lyn Smith for example wrote to their local MP, David Jones, asking for help. Miss Smith was completely unaware at that time, as were many of us, that David Jones MP was in fact a regular contributor/author to that troll blog.

This is a paragraph taken from Jones’s reply to Miss Smith:

What the reader needs to take into account here, is that like some of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, blogs victims, Miss Smith & her family which included her young grandson were vilified.

Miss Smith had opened a shop in Llandudno: The Frog Shop. Immediately the authors of that blog started a campaign of what can only be descried as hatred toward her. They discredited her business, her family and Miss Smith herself.

Sometime later Miss Smith was involved in a civil trial, which served to fuel the twisted minds of those responsible for that blog, resulting in them publishing comments about her and her family that would ultimately influence the outcome of the afore mentioned trial.

So Miss Smith Wrote to David Jones asking for help, his response was as above. Like I have already said, at that time non of that troll blogs victims were aware of Jones involvement with the blog.

Guto Bebb took a stand against these people, many of his colleagues would have backed away from taking the stance he did, fearing I believe for their own well being. This is after all a very controversial situation when you consider the people involved.

I am not referring to Nigel Roberts, he is just a bitter fat oaf who relishes creating trouble over the internet, using the cloak of anonymity, in the scheme of things he is an ant, a fat ugly ant, but just an ant.

No I’m referring to those individuals that would have so much more to loose when their complicatedness with that troll blog is finally exposed.

David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West. Freemason.
Chief Superintendent Simon Humphrey’s. Freemason.
Inspector Ian Verburg. Freemason.
PC 1854 Gary James. Freemason.
Dylan Moore, solicitor & partner at David Jones Solicitors in Llandudno.

Do you notice a trend?

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  1. Yes! A very nasty and subversive group of people. Who gave the Councils opinion, I wonder? A Masonic Pal no doubt.

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