The Pressure Is Mounting…..

Although the battle is far from over the momentum of our fight is building, I feel that all the heart ache, stress and aggravation that has been served upon all the victims of the dreadful troll blogs authored and contributed to by the following people looks to be coming back to haunt them.

All we, the victims of these twisted people, have tried to achieve is justice. We have all but begged North Wales police for help, but were, until this last ten months, unaware of just how involved they were with these people and their troll blogs, chiefly the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog’.

They, the police used the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, as an intel tool, they used it to taint the reputations of people they had brought unsafe criminal cases against, this would serve to help justify the huge expense involved in bringing a particular case to court.

The publisher of that blog, Nigel Roberts, is a police informant, if the police had a particular trial coming up, under their instruction Nigel Roberts would publish untrue but disgusting statements about the accused, then during a trail he would be encouraged by his handlers to continue with his disgusting and untrue comments.

This would only serve to paint a negative picture, in the eyes of any jury members, Judges and magistrates of the accused person stood before them.

My family and I have been threatened by the below people, but apart from John Hanson, their threats have all come via the internet/anonymity or a third party. It is quite scary what some people are capable of. John Hanson threatened me face to face in front of my wife.

So what are we to do if we cannot get the police to act against people like these below? As I have stated before, North Wales police have had a huge amount of irrefutable evidence presented to them but still refuse to act.

Its no good asking why, we know why, the facts speak for themselves, we are fighting a police force that is corrupt to its very core and has clearly been complicit with the blogs in question and their authors, we are fighting police informants, an MP who is clearly a liar and disgraced cabinet member, a bent solicitor, a bitter ex journalist, an ex member of the police commission, a known bully and ex pat, so where do we turn?

I blogged last month about organising a protest march against internet trolls and North Wales Police for their unprofessional and partial behaviour. We had to put this on the back burner but are now in a position to go ahead, today I will be informing North Wales police of our intention to hold a peaceful protest here in Llandudno and possibly with their permission, police headquarters in Colwyn bay, once the parliament recess is over.

This is a positive and good course of action available to us, having spoken nationally with others affected by internet trolls and unprofessional policing, the support we are getting is extremely encouraging.

Last September the 9th, when Nigel Roberts was forced to take sole responsibility for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, I suspect his co-authors, those with more to loose had assured him this would quickly die a death. Not a chance.

From the moment they choose to attack my disabled son, that was never going to happen. What sort of a twisted collection of minds would tell a parent, and I quote “you are selfish for bringing your disabled child into this world, disabled children are nothing but a drain on society”.

When my wife and I addressed this one statement evidentially speaking in a recorded conversation with DS John Hanson & DC Chris Walsh, I was disgusted when Hanson turned around and said in reply to that comment, and I quote, “that may be offensive to you and your wife but not to others, so evidentially we can do nothing with it”.

How appalling is that, that’s straight from a senior police officers mouth who had been entrusted with the overseeing of the investigation into the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog. From that moment on we knew that North Wales police were taking this situation nowhere.

Anyone that wishes to support our peaceful protest please get in touch via this blog.

Other blogs supporting this terrible state of affairs are: MrLlandudno.blogspot

So to finish with the authors/contributors. Stand up and take a bow you horrible bunch of internet menaces:

 Nigel Roberts head Troll and
publisher, North Wales police informant, grass, snitch, mole, tell tale tit and bloody fat coward.

Wendy ‘Lipstick’ Roberts, assistant troll to Nigel, co-publisher.

David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd
West, co-author/contributor
Dylan Moore, slippery weasel, co-author/contributor and buffer.

Ruby Williams, horrible, nasty, devious ex journalist, co-author/contributor.

DS John Hanson, Nigel Roberts handler and part of the blogs protection.

 Chief Superintendent Simon, ‘the lying twat’, Humphrey’s. Nigel Roberts co-handler and part of the blogs protection.

 Chris Drew, ex member of the police commission, nasty bastard, busy body and co-author/contributor.

Steve, ‘I’m hard’ ‘Rico’ Davies, internet coward and co-publisher.

Inspector Ian Verburg, bent lying bastard of a copper, handler of Nigel Roberts and served as part of the blogs protection.

Hows Tom & his weed?????????

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  1. Some good subjects for the Rogues Gallery in the Chamber of Horrors. The one with the hat looks really dodgy, and the one who is using speach bubbles could donwith a wake up call.

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