CSI Llandudno, The latest Troll Blog, Published By Nigel Roberts From Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno…..

Nigel Roberts and his co-authors/contributors, to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie.

Since the demise of their baby ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, they have created to date five additional troll blogs, the worst being CSI Llandudno. The sole purpose of these blogs was to attack members of VOO, www.victimsofoscar.com.

Trolling is a sickness, people like Nigel Roberts achieve feelings of euphoria through their trolling, that they ordinarily have difficulty in achieving, most common of these sensations/feelings would be a sexual orgasm. http://anti-troll.org/

Most, dare I say, normal people achieve those sensations/feelings in a normal healthy way, but internet trolls generally do not, so by causing pain and misery to their victims over the internet using anonymity, allows people like Roberts and his co-authors/contributors, to experience those immensely pleasurable sensations, that they ordinarily cannot achieve.

Unfortunately this leaves them in a state of constant denial, they have no comprehension or care for the extreme harm their actions leave in their wake.

Over this next week I shall re-publish some of the horrible posts and comments Roberts and his co-authors/contributors published on their troll blog CSI Llandudno. The posts and comments I don’t publish are just to disgusting and hurtful, my re-publishing them would just serve to cause more upset for the people they were aimed at.

Roberts and his co-authors/contributors start by attacking Guto Bebb, using their immature and just plain rude pseudonym for Mr Bebb, Guto Plebb. They continue with the same twisted mentality they demonstrated with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

They title this a letter of apology, referring to a letter of partial retraction Mr Bebb publicly issued, regarding Dylan Moore.

Roberts and co proceed to attack Michael Creamer, raking up old ground and making similar accusations against Mr Creamer that they did on their other troll blogs,all because Michael is a member of VOO.
They followed this post with comments written by themselves that are just plain disgusting and will not be re-published here.

Roberts goes on to make reference to a recording I made of an abusive phone call made by Ruby Williams (one of his co-authors) to me.

Roberts then makes this homophobic reference to a member of VOO who also happens to be gay.

Billy King was run out of the area by Roberts and his co-authors, they attacked him relentlessly on the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, making many homophobic hate comments about him.

When Billy took his concerns to inspector Ian Verburg of North Wales police he was threatened with arrest for wasting police time.

Part two tomorrow.

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  1. Are you refering to that Insp Verberg, the "I am holier than thou?" Verberg? who has brought his Son up to handle illegal drugs? Whoops! Inspector, your slip is showing.

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