Does This Mean The Trolls Are On Their Way?

As we know the troll shop belonging to Nigel & Wendy Roberts, the internet trolls behind the publication of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, is up for sale…..

Does the fact that they have a half price sale on the   teddies and tat they sell mean they have found a buyer? I hope so…..

One has to wonder if the large empty soulless property they share in Deganwy is up for sale as well?

52 Deganwy Avenue/2 Hawes Drive.
‘Sandcastles’ by any other name, the home of Llandudno’s very own internet trolls.  


The biggest concern to me if these internet menaces really are retiring, is the extra time they will have on their hands for trolling.

People with their kind of twisted mentality simply don’t just give up, it’s a sickness.

Unless they receive some kind of medical/psychological treatment/therapy, then there should be serious cause for concern.

If, because of the exposure they have received, as a direct result of their despicable internet behaviour, they decide to move out of the area, what then?

They will undoubtedly continue their anonymous internet abuse, attacking who ever they choose.

North Wales police refuse to act against these people and their co-authors/contributors, so it is left to us, their victims to try and protect others from the vile behaviour they exude.

Naturally peaceful education within the law is the best way forward.