MP For Clwyd West, North Wales Police & The CPS…..

David Jones MP for Clwyd West, tries to use section 106 of the 1983 law, the representation of the peoples act, to have me prosecuted for a post I published on 02-05-2015, during the electoral period.

I have already blogged quite extensively about this subject, so I will not re-hash all the details.

On 20-08-2015 North Wales police wanted to re-interview me with regards to this trumped up compliant. They had no new evidence so lawfully I was not obliged to give them that interview, but because I have nothing to hide I did.

The interview was conducted by PC Barlow of North Wales police, unlike the other idiot, PC 1854 Gary James, that interviewed me initially on the 05-05-2015, I hold Barlow in good regard.

During the interview PC Barlow very much went over old ground but wanted to concentrate on point 6 of my published post. I accused Jones of using his Masonic connections to influence the outcome of criminal trials. I completely stand by what I published.

The other 5 points the CPS are not concerned about, I take that to mean that they the CPS see them as being true. In those points I accuse Jones of being a liar & taking dishonesty to a new level, again I stand by that which I have said and published.

The one thing that did concern me during my interview with PC Barlow was right at the end, he asked me about news letters I had published, I might add here, that I have never denied this. These news letters were factual and informative and the first of the three newsletters did not mention David Jones, it was to draw attention to the petition about trolling.

His question had no relevance, but I clarified that yes I did publish the news letter he was referring to, but then he asked me if there were any more out there, there are not, but that left me questioning myself.

It is only when I discussed this with my wife that she said, “I think they are trying to say that you have published another newsletter/leaflet, and Jones has downloaded from my face book this picture”:

This picture was not created by me, it was not published by me, either on the internet or in any other form.

David Jones has promised to do the maximum amount of damage he can to me and my family, because I refuse to desist in my efforts to expose him for the internet troll I sincerely believe he is.

So do your worst Jones, you are a liar you were complicit with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, I will never desist in my efforts to expose you for the person you really are.

Keep trying to live up to your threats, sooner or later they will come back to bite you.

Do not ever forget Jones, if you and your co-authors to that troll blog had never attacked my disabled son so wickedly, I would probably be unaware of your involvement or even of you.
Somebody has to take a stand against internet horrors, you and your co-authors through your own despicable actions, inadvertently choose me.

Instead of blaming everything that has come to light about your involvement, on others, if you were any kind of a man you would take responsibility your self, but you will not, all that matters to you is your status and your career.

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  1. If the mob have a copy of the leaflet, and this bloke is so bloody important, why don't they just subject it to forensic examination, paper, ink, fingerprints etc.? They will then maybe leave innocent people alobe and prosecute the real guilty party. Wouldn't be surprised if this little bit of "evidence" has not been put out by the Trolls themselves. Much too much "planted" evidence these days.

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