CSI Llandudno. The Latest Troll Blog Authored By the Trolls From Nigel Roberts Newsagents & Friends…..

More from the latest troll blog, belonging to Nigel & Wendy Roberts & co-authored/contributed to by the other internet trolls behind ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

 As I have stated before this blog existed for the  purpose of trying to discredit all members of VOO, www.victimsofoscar, and of course to malign and defame us.

Purported seems to be the word of the day, certainly to big a word for the likes of Nigel.

They, the authors say about a thorough police investigation into Nigel Roberts and the blog.

Are they referring to the so called investigation carried out by DC Chris Walsh and overseen by Nigel’s handler DS John Hanson?

The same investigation that Hanson & Walsh confirmed that they did not even interview Roberts, let alone his co-authors/contributors?

The same investigation which Hanson & Walsh confirmed they used no additional evidence than that which was provided by the victims?

The same investigation that during, Hanson & Walsh held regular meetings with some of the co-authors/contributors, like MP for Clwyd West David Jones, Dylan Moore and Ruby Williams, theses meetings were held at the bequest of Jones to complain about me and should never have been allowed, there is a thing called sub-Judice, which Hanson has abused and broken.

That investigation was a farce, never forget Nigel Roberts is a police informant, and if David Jones shouts jump, North Wales police jump so bloody high they should be entered into the next Olympics.

This whole thing stinks of corruption.

These are some responses to their attack on the one man with enough conviction to stand up against these disgraceful internet horrors, MR Guto Bebb. Roberts wrote these himself and published all three.

Of course cowards like those behind the CSI and ‘Thoughts of Oscar troll blogs, never use their own names, they only ever use pseudonyms

But as usual Roberts demonstrates his stupidity almost immediately. Their blog post about Mr Bebb, had been published only minutes, when Roberts replied to the post using the same pseudonyms he used to respond to posts on ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Here we go again, usual pseudonyms, Roberts responds to the post he published about Michael Creamer.

Now I am not going to speculate about Mr Creamers guilt or innocence, that is irrelevance.

Roberts and co have published both the posts and its comments in an attempt to discredit Mr Creamer and VOO.

As I have stated previously, I will not re-publish their more vile comments, firstly because they are just that and will only cause to upset those of us that they are aimed at, secondly, its not as though North Wales police will act professionaly and do the right thing, so far as the authors are concerned.

1 thought on “CSI Llandudno. The Latest Troll Blog Authored By the Trolls From Nigel Roberts Newsagents & Friends…..”

  1. Once again the character of the Thoughtofoscar and CSILlandudno Blogs' author is shown for its despicable and vile nature.
    What I cannot understand is why his Wife, Friends (if he has any), Professional Advisors and other people who were witnessing his exploits and the affects on other people's lives did not caution him as to where his activities could lead. Amongst those “in his circle” were MPs, Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants, and other professional and business people, not least of all those who led him into Freemasonry and pledged to “guide him through life's pathway”. Those who “stood by the wayside” must consider themselves just as culpable as the main protagonist himself, for all the harm that has been done to the victims of “Oscar”.
    Perhaps his obsession is a result of having no children and that he has been shielded from life in this big wide World by being brought up virtually within the invisible walls of this town of Llandudno. Perhaps he was rejected as a child or through his childhood, or maybe provided with a living for life without having to experience the ups and downs of forging his own way to success. A gift of businesses and a property portfolio certainly helps to sweeten ones position and future.
    Maybe he has been driven off course by too many early mornings holding conversations with an army of Beanie Babies!
    I believe that his continuing antics with obnoxious Blogs, Twitter and the like has grown into an unhealthy obsession and that there is a desperate need for professional help. Previous visits to the Priory seem to have done little to provide an effective cure. Another sanctuary must be sought for the benefit of local citizens.

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