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Nigel & Wendy Roberts, their co-authors/contributors, continue their vile trolling via their latest internet platform, ‘CSI Llandudno’.

Meanwhile the CPS & North Wales police continue to refuse once again to act against the authors or the blog.

During the last 8 years  these despicable, vile, twisted individuals have tormented countless people, families and business’s.

They have eagerly used deceased relatives of their victims, as instruments of mental torment.

They have driven good hard working decent folk, out of the area. People like Mr & Mrs Ryder, the couple who once owned the shop on Castle street in Conwy called ‘Su Su’.

They accused Mr Ryder of secretly filming children changing into prom dresses and the like, this accusation was completely untrue, but the damage was done. The torment that followed, forced the Ryders to close up and re-locate, of course when the Ryders complained to the police, North Wales police responded by saying “we don’t know who the authors are”, ” if the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog offends you, then don’t read it”, “there is nothing we can do”.

For several years the authors/contributors behind that blog, terrorised the young hard working studious man, Mr Criag Ollerton, forcing him to re-locate to Blackpool, they traced him there and carried on their campaign of terror against him via another of their troll blogs the ‘Blackpool Local’. Mr Ollerton once again was forced to move. North Wales police again refused to help.

Mr Ollerton, despite the vile, persistent efforts of Nigel & Wendy Roberts and their co-authors/contributors, has become a gifted artist and continues with his studies, but has one eye looking over his shoulder, waiting for the next round of abuse from these twisted people.

Mr J Williams was vilified by the blogs authors, he sort to find out who they were, when he got to close, Roberts had his good mate Steve Dickens, threaten Mr Williams, soon after that threat Mr Williams took his own life. North Wales police did nothing.

Mr William Windsor, a local gay man, was lambasted  by Roberts and co, because of his sexuality. He, also sort to find who was responsible for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. In response the authors doubled their efforts to be-smirch him, they involved his landlord and employer by concocting lies about him, in an effort to make him homeless and jobless.

Mr Windsor time and time again sort help from the police. North Wales police refused to help, even to the extent of Inspector Ian Verburg threatening Mr Windsor with arrest if he complained again.

Amongst their vile homophobic comments about Mr Windsor, they doctored the above photo of him saying “Billy King AKA William Windsor, takes it up the ring”. That is a homophobic hate crime, but still the police refused to act.

Mr Windsor had no other option but to leave the area.

This is Verburg and these are some of the things he said to the blogs victims, Verburg was fully aware as early as 2009 as to who authored/contributed to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

On their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, these internet troll said, “disabled children are a drain on society and should never have been brought into this world”, “the parents of these children are selfish for allowing them life”.

That one statement alone is a hate crime, and a disgusting thing to say, but when I raised this with DS Hanson he said, “that might be offensive to you but not to others, therefore there is nothing we can do.

I know I’ve blogged about this before and I will continue to do so until these individuals including DS Hanson, are brought to task.

North Wales Police are liars, they knew exactly who was behind that blog and choose to do nothing.

They afforded that blog protection, why?

As I have stated before we are in possession of undeniable evidence, that Nigel Roberts is a police informant, North Wales police used that blog as an intel system amongst other things, sounds far fetched but is completely true.

One of the main contributors/co-authors to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was, as we know, MP for Clwyd West and disgraced ex Welsh Secretary Of State, David Ian Jones.

This man tells North Wales police he is the second coming, they get down and not only pray, kissing his feet, but lick the crud from between his toes.

I keep asking the same questions, “how is it these people are allowed to not just get away with their appalling past internet trolling, but seemingly are encouraged to continue”?

What will it take for North Wales Police to act?

Another death perhaps, or a child attacked because these trolls have wrongly accused his/her father of being a paedophile, something which they have implied I am, because 19 years ago I met my lovely wife when she was 15.

Maybe, goodness forbid, a child who is of reading age but has disabilities, see’s comments published by these trolls like the one above and gets it into their mind that the trolls are right and he/she is a drain on society, then as a result, does something terrible.

These things happen all to often, mostly because those who are tasked with helping victims of trolling refuse to act.

North Wales police and the CPS have a lot to answer for, as it stands, but god forbid, if anything like the above was to happen, then the backlash would be unforgivable.

I would implore North Wales police to act against these horrible people now, before it is to late.

But they will not, North Wales police will continue to act against me, at the bequest of MP for Clwyd West David Jones, because I refuse to let this lie and will continue in my quest for truth and justice, not just for my young disabled child, who those trolls choose to attack, but for all the 29 known victims of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and more importantly for all the future victims of these internet menaces, unless they are stopped.

More of the CSI blog tomorrow.

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