Nigel & Wendy Roberts & Their Troll Blog CSI Llandudno…..

 More from these internet terrorists & their co-authors/contributors.

Below are more posts and comments from their troll blog CSI Llandudno…..

The blog these menaces created to attack victims of their previous blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

This is a typical example of how the Roberts’s and their co-authors/contributors, would attack with a post then comment about the post using pseudonyms.

Its classic trolling behaviour, their comments about their own posts are quite deliberate, serving to add fuel to the fire.

Roberts comments about the recording I made when one of his co-authors, Ruby Williams, phoned me late at night quite unexpectedly.

You will see by their comments that they are designed to encourage a response from the target, which in this case was me.

The authors of CSI Llandudno publish this letter that Billy King sent Guto Bebb last year, he also published it on his Facebook account, which is where Roberts and co stole it from.

The comments that follow are published to discredit Billy King and help justify the  dreadful homophobic comments they  published about Billy on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

There can never be any justification for any kind of homophobia.

Once again the Roberts’s and their co-authors/contributors, demonstrate the classic behaviour of an internet troll.

Same old stuff again.

The authors try to justify their behaviour on the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Discrediting their victims is their sole aim.

All comments were written and published by the Roberts’s bar the next.

This comment was written and published by Ruby Williams.

Everything they have ever done has been done behind the cloak of anonymity, never once have they had the guts to use their own identities, thus again demonstrating the classic behaviour of an internet troll.