Thoughts Of Oscar The Troll Blog, North Wales Police & Freemasonry…..

There are around 600,000 Freemasons in the UK alone, many of who are in very powerful positions.
David Cameron for example.

There are those Freemasons that stick to the moral ethics of Freemasonry, dedicating their time any money to charitable deeds, but it appears these days Freemasons of that nature are in decline.

Freemasons wield their influence in all walks of society, very much to their own ends, they have been responsible for many miscarriage’s of justice, many disgraceful cover ups and untold criminal deaths.

This all sounds far fetched? a year ago I would in my ignorance have thought it just that. Since I became involved with the Thoughts of Oscar affair and not by my own doing, I am amazed at just how far people will go to hide their wrong doings and how these very people use their connections and positions to achieve their aims.

Keep in mind the amount of Freemasons involved with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, why do you think those responsible have never been questioned by North Wales police, let alone investigated properly.

Nigel Roberts from Nigel Roberts Newsagents, the blog publisher and North Wales police informant, Freemason.
David Jones MP for Clwyd West, contributor/co-author to that blog, Freemason.
Ruby Williams co-author to the blog, retired journalist, member of the lady’s lodge.
Chris Drew, contributor/co-author to the blog, Freemason.
Chief Superintendent Simon Humphrey’s of North Wales Police, Freemason, and friend to David Jones and Nigel Roberts.
Inspector Ian Verburg of North Wales police and Nigel Roberts handler, Freemason.
DS John Hanson who was tasked with overseeing the criminal (mickey mouse) investigation into the ‘Thoughts of Oscar, blog, Freemason.
PC 1854 Gary James, who questioned me after I was wrongly arrested at Nigel Roberts bequest, Freemason.

Freemasons who abuse their positions and connections, they have no moral fibre and care not for the innocent people and their lives, they effect and for what? their own protection, their own advancement in whatever aspect of their lives they choose, their friends/fellow Masons.

Freemasons protect paedophiles within their ranks, child murderers, rapists, their members who derive pleasure from buggering animals, crooked police officers and bent politicians.

Freemasons have influenced many criminal trails,which in many cases has resulted in innocent people spending years in prison, either for the protection of the guilty who are fellow Masons or simply because a member of the brotherhood has a grudge against a particular person.

Freemasonry is corrupt throughout.

Please take a little time to watch the following videos, they are mind blowing & clearly demonstrate just how corrupt Freemason are.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts Of Oscar The Troll Blog, North Wales Police & Freemasonry…..”

  1. I have been reading this blog for a little bit now, I must say I am really surprised that these nasty people, people we should be able to have faith in, have been allowed to behave like this.
    I have sent a letter to the police asking why this is just so.
    You have my support.

  2. One Mason is committed to defending any other Mason irrespective of whether the law of the land has been broken or not. The largest group amongst Masons is professional people, Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants, Civil Servants, MP's, Businessmen etc. The more middle class would join the R.A.O.B. or other groups such as Rotary or Round Table. Therefore the power was in the hand of the Freemasons and their greed and ability to negotiate business 'in house' became the norm. In fact people of influence are now ASKED to join, rather than having to actually ask. Corruption is the natural result of such a situation.

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