The CSI Llandudno Troll Blog…..

North Wales Police and our local CPS categorically refuse to do anything about the people responsible for the troll blogs:

Thoughts of Oscar
Llandudno Malice in wonderland
Colwyn Bay the last stand
Rhos On Sea glory lost
CSI Llandudno

The worst was Thoughts of Oscar, which I will be continuing to publish the archives of soon, but for the moment I am concentrating on their last disgusting creation CSI Llandudno.

We know all the main protagonists responsible for the production of these blogs, we, that is to say our group, aka VOO, have supplied North Wales Police with enough evidence to gain a solid conviction, but they, the police, continue to refuse.

We know Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno was the publisher and main author to these troll blogs. Roberts is also both a Freemason and a Police informant.

We know that the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, was a regular contributor/co-author to at least the Thoughts of Oscar blog. Jones is also heavily involved with certain high ranking North Wales Police officers, who like him are Freemasons.

We know Dylan Moore of David Jones solicitors in Llandudno acted as a buffer for information to the blogs from one source or another to Nigel Roberts.

We know Chris Drew was a co-contributor/author to these blogs. Drew is also a Freemason.

We know  Ruby Williams was a co-contributor/author to these blogs. Williams belongs to the Lady’s Lodge.

We know that both Jez Hemmimg and Tom Davidson, both reporters at the Daily Post supplied information to the blog publisher, but are unsure if they have a Masonic connection.

We know Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys deliberately lied about his knowledge of the authorship behind the Thoughts of Oscar blog, for years. Humphreys is also a Freemason.

We know Inspector Ian Verburg lied to all those victims of the blog Thoughts of Oscar, he denied any knowledge of the authorship. telling all the blogs many victims, that North Wales Police could do nothing. Verburg is a Freemason.

In an effort to expose these people for the nasty perverted internet trolls they are, I am republishing a lot of the rubbish they published on their blogs, but hurriedly tried to delete once their identities were discovered.

I will not republish the more disgusting of their posts and comments, their victims don’t need to read all that again, all the diabolical posts and comments we have collated will be passed on to the organisation that eventually takes this horrible situation on board with the view of exposing the obvious cover up by North Wales Police, their connection with the authors and the Masonic influence.

So more from CSI Llandudno:

These comments posted anonymously by the authors are all designed to discredit members of and to justify they trolling about the same.

They display the typical behaviour of internet trolls.

 Very much a continuation of the previous piece, you will notice that they try their best to use the fact Mr Creamer rightly or wrongly was convicted in 2010, this is a deliberate ploy to discredit us, their victims.

Much of the same, but then they try to use the fact that my wife of 19 years was under age when we met and that I am some kind of sexual deviant.

Once again this is typical behaviour of an internet troll.

 This gentleman Mr A Eygleshiem was a regular victim of these disgusting trolls, they stole his identity to troll me and my family, they used the identity of his deceased brother to troll him, they have trolled his lovely wife and his children.

Mr Eygleshiem is a retired gent and not in the best of health, but because he choose to stand up to these people, they lambasted him.

More from CSI soon…..