Llandudnos trolls are leaving…..

Nigel & Wendy Roberts Llandudno’s very own nasty, ugly, horrible internet trolls  are on their way, the troll shop, they have trolled from is closing, praise the lord.

For at least eight years this pair of twisted individuals with the help of their co-authors/contributors have destroyed the lives of so many.

They have delighted in inflicting so much worry and pain on others.

How do people get like this, what is missing in their lives that they should behave just so?

Is it because they were unable to have children? this is something that no one should delight in. There are many couples who have not been able to conceive, for numerous reasons, but seek medical assistance and/or adopt. If indeed this is partly why they have behaved so dreadfully, then they have my sympathy, but not being able to have a child can never be an excuse for the behaviour they have demonstrated over the years.

Nigel as a child was spoilt rotten by his father, maybe that has something to do with his behaviour.

During his school years he used his vast bulk to bully and intimidate younger students, one could assume that as an adult the internet provided him with the ideal platform in which to continue with his bullying nature.

Wendy, as a young woman worked in the same bank as her father in Chester, her promiscuous behaviour became so bad that her father had her transferred to the banks Llandudno branch, then she ended up with Nigel.

One could assume that Wendy’s bitterness comes from her fathers actions, she maybe resented his interference in her personnel life, then ending up with Nigel in an effort to show a public appearance of respectability was all to much, the seeds were sown.

This couple have all the luxury’s that life can offer, yet still they thrived on creating misery to others.
They were not alone in their endeavours, they were eagerly assisted by an equally spiteful small group of people.

MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, for example, Jones for years regularly contributed/co-authored the Roberts’s main troll blog, Thoughts of Oscar.

Jones we are reliably told sort to use the Thoughts of Oscar blog as a platform for venting his feelings toward those that stood against him, like, Llyr Gruffydd, who represented Pliad Cymru.

Or Tory assembly member Darren Millar, who was vilified on that blog.

We have, that is to say, the victims of Oscar/www.victimsofoscar.com, collated a huge catalogue of evidence that clearly determines Jones’s involvement with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Then there is Ranting red wine Ruby Williams, an ex journalist who worked for years out of Liverpool, Ruby is a very bitter lady who regularly contributed/co-authored that troll blog.

It was always quite surprising that a picture and post would suddenly appear published on the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, clearly taken just before the time of publication, from Liverpool, yet Nigel Roberts who states he was solely responsible for the authorship and publication of that blog, but was in his shop in Llandudno at the time of publication???????.
https://soundcloud.com/user-688589341/ranting-ruby-williams?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook   have a listen to Ruby at her best…..

Now here is a slippery character, Tom Davidson, a reporter at the Daily Post, he regularly supplied gossip for the blog thoughts of Oscar, to which Nigel reciprocated.

Something that amazed our group, VOO, was the Daily Posts refusal to report our undeniable evidence that MP for Clwyd West David Jones was indeed a regular contributor/co-author to that troll blog, despite his own public denials.

We were gob-smacked, why would they refuse to publish something that was clearly in the public interest? well the answer we now know lies in their own complicatedness with the blog and it’s authorship.

Unfortunately for this little worm, since the closure of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, he has had to do some real work.

More to follow……