A Year Without Thoughts Of Oscar…..

This Wednesday marks the first anniversary since the demise of the twisted troll blog thoughts of Oscar. For many people and businesses that silently comes as a huge blessing.

For all the victims of that blog, the pain the authors inflicted upon them, their families, their businesses and even their deceased love ones, is still as raw, a constant reminder of the awful torment they were subjected to. Why?

The answer is simple, North Wales Police, or more specifically, DS JOHN HANSON & DC CHRIS WALSH, let the victims down!!!! you the reader quite rightly might ask why?

  • September 9th last year MP for Aberconwy Mr Guto Bebb, raised in his House Of Commons speech the concerns that some of his constituents had brought to his attention regarding that blog.
  • Hours before his speech, in a state of panic the authorship hurriedly closed the blog.
  • After Mr Bebbs fantastic speech the deputy police commissioner ordered all complaints that had been reported to North Wales Police since 2007 & that had been turned away by the same, to be properly investigated.
  • On the 10th of September last year VOO was formed, www.victimsofoscar.com.
  • By the end of September last year VOO had gone from its original six members to 29 members. 
  • Since then an additional 15 members have come to light.
  • Late October last year saw the beginning of the police investigation.
  • DC Chris Walsh interviewed most complainants, each and every complainant was presented with a few sheets of A4 outlining the so-called threshold for prosecution, Walsh from the beginning was more concerned with pointing out this threshold than he was concerned with evidence against the authors of that blog. It quickly became apparent to all those interviewed by Walsh that there was a cover up developing. 
  • October last year saw the authorship of Thoughts of Oscar create more troll blogs, one being Llandudno Malice In Wonderland. The only purpose of these blogs was to discredit the victims of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.
  • Each of their new blogs were reported to the police.
  • Strangely with in an hour after being reported the blogs were deleted.
  • November 2nd last year, MP for Clwyd West David Jones telephones me out of the blue, he then spends forty minutes pleading his non involvement with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.
  • On 7th of November last year David Jones Hosts a 57 minute meeting at his constituency office, with my wife and I, during that meeting he constantly repeats that he had never had anything in anyway at all with the blog Thoughts of Oscar. More importantly he says “I never contributed to the blog Thoughts of Oscar”.
  • On 12th of November last year, Dylan Moore, Jones’s business partner hosts a two hour meeting with my wife an I, during that meeting more than once Moore says, “David did contribute to the blog Thoughts of Oscar, it was his job you know”. Moore then informs us that Nigel Roberts is a North Wales Police informant. Both these meetings were covertly recorded.
  • Later that month Jones uses his influence to prevent the local Media from publishing his involvement as a regular co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.
  • Late November my wife and I attend the offices of the Daily Post and speak to the assistant editor to try and ascertain why they will not publish a story that is so obviously in the public interest. Amongst other things, we were told that Jones had threatened the Post if they went ahead and published. Please keep in mind that every meeting my wife and I had with anyone we believed to be complicit with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar was recorded.
  • November last year I designed and printed an information leaflet about internet trolling and the effects it has had on thousands of innocent people, these leaflets were distributed in the North Wales area.
  • December Last year we discovered a huge Masonic influence, we know for sure that Jones is a Freemason, as is Roberts and most of the other co-authors/contributors to that blog, more importantly we discovered that high ranking Police officers were involved with the blog and also Freemasons, Officers like chief superintendent Simon Humphreys, who for years denied any knowledge of the authorship behind that blog, he lied, he knew as early as 2009 who was behind authoring that blog, we have categorical proof. Inspector Ian Verburg, Since 2009 knew exactly who was behind the authorship of that blog, but continually denied any knowledge, once again we have categorical proof.
  • January this year, out of severe frustration with the local media, I created the Colwyn Bay Chronicle, an information leaflet designed to inform local people, who the true authors/contributors were to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.
  • January this year DC Walsh informed us that his report regarding all the complaints against the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar had been submitted to the CPS.
  • Early February this year I telephoned the CPS and spoke with their chief Prosecutor, Karen Dixon (this conversation was recorded). I enquired with Karen Dixon as to where the CPS were at with regards to a decision on the Thoughts of Oscar investigation, this was her exact reply: “Oh the police had decided before the file came to us, that no further action against that blog or its authorship, should be taken”. To this I was flummoxed and asked in reply: “Is that not the purpose of the CPS? did you look at the file yourselves”? Karen Dixon replied: “we gave it a quick look and agreed with the police”. I could not believe my ears. So despite a mountain of evidence, some of which clearly demonstrated homophobic hate crimes, disgusting comments about the disabled, especially disabled children, the mocking of the dead, the theft of others identities plus so much more to mention, North Wales Police and the CPS refused to take this matter forward. WHY?
  • Well as I have previously stated Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno is a police informant. MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, a major contributor/co author to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and a Freemason had a massive influence.
  • February saw all VOO members submit IPCC complaint forms, the IPCC decide that North Wales Police can investigate themselves, guess what happened, despite proven lies on behalf of the officers involved? you got it, North Wales Police discovered nothing to have been done wrong. So where does that leave the victims?
  • Later in February this year I requested a meeting with DS Hanson, the officer who over saw this crooked investigation. Present at that covertly recorded meeting were Hanson, Walsh, my wife and I, during that meeting I asked Hanson many questions, these are just two, which include his answers “What about the comment the authors of that blog said about my disabled son”? the authors said “we were selfish parents for bringing our disabled child into this world and he was nothing more than a drain on society”. Hanson replied, “that might be offensive to you but is not to others, so there is nothing we can do”. I could not believe what I had Heard him say, if I asked 1000 people what their views were about such a comment, I bet at least 999 are offended. The I asked “what evidence did you use to come to your conclusions” he and Walsh replied, “only that which was given to us by you the victims”, again I could not believe my ears, the evidence supplied by us the victims was more than enough to prosecute, at the very least for criminal harassment. It was now abundantly clear we were never going to get the help we should have received and were lawfully entitled to from North Wales Police. But still at this time we did not realise just how involved certain officers in North Wales Police were with that troll blog and its authors.
  • March this year we, that is www.victimsofoscar.com, decided to double our efforts in the pursuit of justice, we were not and are not going to let this drop, not essentially because of our original complaints, but more so because of the obvious police collusion/corrupt we have uncovered with the blog and the definite Freemason corrupt influence.
  • Its important to remember at this time Nigel & Wendy Roberts and their co-authors/ contributors were continuing their trolling of us their previous victims, on April 5th this year they started the publication of their worst creation to date CSI Llandudno, which with no holds barred they used to viscously attack all members of VOO. We reported all their activity to the police, supplying the police with evidence of comments which very even worse then many they published on the Thoughts of Oscar blog, the police and the CPS decided nothing could be done, shock horror.
  • On Monday 27th of April this year whilst in Llandudno with my son, Nigel & Wendy Roberts confronted me in the street they were both aggressive and rude, when I returned home my wife told me to phone the police, I said no what is the point they will not act against the Roberts’s.
  • On may 2nd this year, I Published on this blog a factual post about David Jones MP for Clwyd West and his lies. 
  • On May 5th this year I was arrested at my home for criminally harassing David & Wendy Roberts in the street on the 27-04-2015, this is despite CCTV evidence clearly showing them to be the aggressors. Then at the same time I was arrested for supposedly damaging Jones’s chances of re-election , because of the truthful and factual post I published on this blog three days earlier.
  • I was due to attend court for the Nigel & Wendy Roberts concocted incident on 29-07-2015, hours before attending court, the Roberts withdrew their complaint!!!!
  • I am still on bail for the Jones rubbish, because of his influence I expect to charged.
  • We are still fighting these horrible corrupt people and will not desist.