A Year To The Day…..

Thoughts of Oscar the troll blog published by Nigel & Wendy Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno and authored/contributed to by many unstable & twisted minds, met it’s fate a year ago today.

MP for Aberconwy Mr Guto Bebb, demonstrated what the true purpose of an elected MP really is, when he spoke a year ago today about the evil troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and some of the deranged minds responsible for it.

He showed his peers that the representation of people is entirely that, not a reason to feather your own nest, not a reason inflate your all ready over inflated ego, not a reason to open more financial doors, not a reason for justifying lies and corruption and certainly not a reason for using the internet to attack colleagues or political opponents under the cloak of anonymity.

This is a humble man who’s heart is with his constituents, others of his profession might like to take a leaf or two from his book.

The fight for justice has only just begun, many of the individuals affected by that vile troll blog have campaigned to have those responsible brought to justice, but as yet their campaign has bore little fruit.

Over this last year it has come to light that the blog in question was co- authored/contributed to by some well connected people. The type of connections that can have, what should be just decisions, made unjust, that can influence the outcome of official investigations, the sort of investigation that should have brought peace and justice to the victims of that troll blog, but instead lent it’s self to the protection of those responsible.

So who have we found to be co-authoring/contributing to that vile blog:

MP for Clwyd West & Freemason, David Jones, was, according to his long term business partner, Dylan Moore, a regular contributor/co-author.

Ian Ralph a computer technician, who worked on computers belonging to David Jones Solicitors in Llandudno confirmed this MP’s involvement with that vile blog.

Mr Ralph also informed us that Jones used the blog as a tool for ridiculing and discrediting his political opponents and others he just plain did not like, all achieved from behind the cloak of anonymity.

This year has also confirmed the involvement of Solicitor & Freemason Dylan Moore, a partner at David Jones solicitors, Trinity Square Llandudno.

Moore acted not only as a buffer, feeding information from Jones to Roberts, in addition to his primary function which was one of a researcher.

Mr Ralph tells us that Jones would pass information to Moore, Moore would then research the matter in hand, then put together an article for Roberts to publish on the blog.

Earlier this year Lady Freemason, Ruby Williams was confirmed as a regular contributor/co-author to the Thoughts of Oscar troll blog.

After a controversial career as a very aggressive news reporter, Williams just could not settle into retirement, the Thoughts of Oscar troll blog allowed her to continue with her nasty method of attacking issues and people she so choose.

Miss Williams who is in a civil relationship, like Jones and Moore refuses to admit to her involvement with that blog.

It was always believed that some senior officers from  North Wales Police were somehow involved with the blog, every time someone complained to the police about the vile behaviour toward themselves, their families, their businesses and in many cases their deceased relatives North Wales Police, more importantly the  recently, but conveniently retired Chief Superintendent & Freemason, Simon Humphreys, denied knowing who the authors were, therefore there was absolutely nothing the Police could do.

Simon Humphreys along with other officers such as this next officer, Freemason, Inspector Ian Verburg are liars, liars of the first order.

We can categorically prove that these two corrupt, lying, publicly paid for so called protectors of the peace, upholders of the law, knew as early as 2009 exactly who was responsible for the authoring and the publication of the vile troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

These are people we should be able to trust, no chance, they were more interested in protecting their excellent performing Police informants, Nigel & Wendy Roberts and bowing to the wishes of their fellow Freemasons, than they ever could have been in the protection of that blogs victims.

If we, the general public were seen to behave like any of the people above we would be arrested, more to the point I have been and what for, publishing an honest truthful non abusive post about MP for Clwyd West David Jones, please read it for yourselves, http://conwyllandudnolocal.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/corrupt-mp-or-not.html

I am still waiting to be charged for the publication of the above post, which I have no doubt I will be, all at a huge expense to the tax payer.

But when the victims of these people reported the vile comments published on that troll blog, aimed at them or their families, North Wales Police do not even interview the culprits, never mind charge them, even after Nigel Roberts, on this day last year, was forced to admit his involvement, the police did nothing.

Comments like “Parents of disabled children are selfish for bringing them into this world, disabled children are a drain on society”, they said this about my disabled son, but DS John Hanson of North Wales Police said “well that might be offensive to you, but not to others, so there is nothing we can do”. To hear that response from Hanson just beggars belief.

But isn’t it amazing what North Wales Police will do when instructed by a fellow Mason or an MP with connections, living up to his promises.

MP for Clwyd West David Jones has previously accused me of being a paedophile, of changing my name and has promised to inflict as much damage as he can on me and my family and all because I will not give up in my pursuit for the truth behind his involvement with that troll blog and for justice for it’s known 44 victims.

These are examples of what this last year has revealed, we, that is to say, all the victims of these disgusting internet trolls and their co-authors/contributors, are resigned to a long slow fight for justice, we will achieve it and will never desist until we do

If I could ask any of the readers of this blog or those blogs associated with it, for help and information in our quest for the truth, or even just for your support, it would be greatly received.