David Jones MP For Clwyd West & Deformation…..

  1. David Jones
    British Politician
  2. David Ian Jones MP is a British Conservative Party politician and the Member of Parliament for Clwyd West. He was appointed Secretary of State for Wales on 4 September 2012, following David Cameron’s first Cabinet reshuffle. Wikipedia
  3. BornMarch 22, 1952 (age 63), London
  4. The not so Right Honourable MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones & his internet profile. I have included a more recent picture as the one he had up there was about 40 years old….Vanity…..
  5. I note in his books of interests this particular book  Jones: Human Rights group Defamation Pa.
  6. This intrigues me, this is a person who as we are fully aware was a regular contributor/co-author to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, the very blog that for seven years did not give a damn for the rights of others and defamed countless individuals, including myself.
  7. So I find myself asking, where exactly does Jones’s interest lie when it comes to deformation and the rights of others?
  8. Is he on one hand saying that we should respect the rights of our fellow man/woman and understand that deformation is a civil offence, or is he saying, that it is perfectly OK to abuse the rights of an particular person and defame them all you like?
  9. Perhaps he is actually saying, do as I say not as I do…..
  10. I think that’s called hypocrisy…..
  11. For the benefit of Jones here follows a definition of defamation:
  12.  Defamation—also calumnyvilification, and traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, businessproduct,groupgovernmentreligion, or nation as well as other various kinds of defamation that retaliate against groundless criticism.
  13. Mmmmmm now there’s food for thought, Jones has inferred I am a paedophile, that  is completely untrue & constitutes a false statement that harms my reputation.
  14. Jones says I have changed my name, what is he implying there? going by the way he speaks about me generally I would say that statement also damages my reputation.
  15. The Thoughts of Oscar blog, which as I have said we know he is partly responsible for, slagged my disabled son, that is surly an infringement of my sons human rights.
  16. I know many politicians are not the most honest of people, but as I have stated about Jones before, this person takes dishonesty to a knew level.

3 thoughts on “David Jones MP For Clwyd West & Deformation…..”

  1. You have changed your name and you were 30+ when you became involved with a 15 year old.
    How would you feel about your daughter doing the same?
    Dylan called you a paedophile did he not?
    Your hardly covered in glory are you .
    I'm looking forward to this all being made public on the web site that is to be published, not a bluff but a promise.

  2. @Gary Lloyd, if that is your name.
    Bravo! Yes, I was 30+ as you put it when I became involved with my wife when she was 15. Why would I be ashamed of this after being together for so long, this is old news, already been put on a website & very much out in the open, if you want to waste your time go ahead, feel free, but as I said it's already been done by CSI Llandudno.
    You bring my daughter into the equation, typical of Oscar to bring family members into the mix when having a go at someone! To answer your question, so you can't then accuse me of avoidance, if she was to do the same, what could her mother & I say or do, other than offer her love & support, this is what good parents do, so long as she is happy & safe, that's more important to me.
    I note by your comment about Dylan Moore, that you have heard the recording. Dylan did infact jokingly call me a paedophile while trying to make a comparison, he later apologised, but you're trying to twist that into something.
    As I said, a website has already been done before which resulted in its author being arrested and interviewed by North Wales Police, the site being closed down etc, perhaps you were not aware of the demise of CSI Llandudno? Not many were apart from its intended victims, its readership was poor and in the end the authors ran out of things to say and once it's been said once it gets boring!

  3. Why have the police not done anything about these people? Nigel Roberts is plainly not quite right and from what I am reading neither is this Jones feller.

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