Gary Lloyd and Nigel Roberts another pseudonym…..

Yesterday I blogged about MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones and his hypocrisy.

Below is a response I received as a result:

You have changed your name and you were 30+ when you became involved with a 15 year old.
How would you feel about your daughter doing the same?
Dylan called you a paedophile did he not?
Your hardly covered in glory are you .
I’m looking forward to this all being made public on the web site that is to be published, not a bluff but a promise.
You may care to note the style of this response, for those of you familiar with the Thoughts of Oscar Blog, you can quite easily identify the culprit!
It is of course non other than Llandudno’s resident internet troll, Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents.

This was my reply to Nigel Roberts/Gary Lloyd:
@Gary Lloyd, if that is your name.
Bravo! Yes, I was 30+ as you put it when I became involved with my wife when she was 15. Why would I be ashamed of this after being together for so long, this is old news, already been put on a website & very much out in the open, if you want to waste your time go ahead, feel free, but as I said it’s already been done by CSI Llandudno.
You bring my daughter into the equation, typical of Oscar to bring family members into the mix when having a go at someone! To answer your question, so you can’t then accuse me of avoidance, if she was to do the same, what could her mother & I say or do, other than offer her love & support, this is what good parents do, so long as she is happy & safe, that’s more important to me.
I note by your comment about Dylan Moore, that you have heard the recording. Dylan did infact jokingly call me a paedophile while trying to make a comparison, he later apologised, but you’re trying to twist that into something.
As I said, a website has already been done before which resulted in its author being arrested and interviewed by North Wales Police, the site being closed down etc, perhaps you were not aware of the demise of CSI Llandudno? Not many were apart from its intended victims, its readership was poor and in the end the authors ran out of things to say and once it’s been said once it gets boring!

To those readers who may not be aware of the background to all that has been and is still going on with this horrible troll, here follows a brief synopsis…..

Nigel Roberts and others previously mentioned authored the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar between 2007 and 2014, that troll blog closed last years thanks to my MP Mr Guto Bebb.
Amongst the many people these horrible trolls attacked were at that time my six year old disabled son, who they stated he should not have been allowed life because he is disabled and that he is  a drain on society.
How vile a thing to say is that?
As a result I sought to find out who was responsible for that blog.
I soon discovered the three main authors/contributors were Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP for Clywd West, & Dylan Moore a solicitor at David Jones Solicitors.
Once I made my findings public, these horrible internet trolls tried their very best to discredit me & my family.
What followed was vile but typical of an internet troll.
My relationship with my wife is no secret, why should it be? yes I met my lovely wife when she was 15 & as Nigel/Gary says I was 30+, they have also said I was 29, wish they would make up their minds.
My wife and I have been together for nearly 19 years, I can safely say that I am totally devoted to her and I like to think she is to me.
We have three wonderful children, each of which these horrible trolls have tried to use to discredit me, without a thought for their welfare.
So there we have it, I am not the first man to be in a relationship with an age difference and I certainly will not be the last
The warped people responsible for the Thoughts of Oscar blog and the others that have since followed, like CSI Llandudno are sick, mentally unstable and a threat to society.

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  1. Great reply to Nigel, I knew this would happen as soon as he gave up flogging shite in his shop he'd feel the need to start another blog again. The bastard needs to disappear.

  2. I am contacting a pall of my wife who works in the Media, you have a story here that needs to be heard, how have you managed to stay so calm? The disbled comment on its own is appalling,

  3. I would not want any threats of violence toward Nigel or Wendy, that's is not the answer, I just want them and their co-authors/Contributors brought to legal justice.

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