CSI Llandudno & More Of The Rubbished Published On It By Llandudno’s Very Own Troll Couple Nigel & Wendy Roberts…..

Nigel & Wendy Roberts and their continued attacks upon the very people they trolled over the internet for years via their now defunct troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

I hear that new tyres were needed recently, as well as new windows.

They have upset a lot of people, not for one minute would I condone that sort of behaviour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway back to CSI…………………

The comments to the left are a continuation of Nigel & Wendy’s replies they concocted in response to their trolling of Mr Eyglesheim.

Typically they use an assortment of pseudonyms to fulfil their trolling mentality.

They refer to the gent in question as being rotund, which I have to say is untrue, has Nigel Looked in the mirror lately?

The picture of Roberts above does not show a rotund looking troll, it shows a morbidly obese looking troll.

I am glad I’m not the poor bugger required to lift his box when he snuffs it, an industrial crane would be more appropriate.

Now they start to attack other members of VOO www,victimsofoscar.com.

Typically their line of attack is to try and discredit, especially those of us that for what ever reason have made mistakes.

Most members of VOO have not had any dealings with the police etc, that never stopped the Roberts’s from using anything they could to troll them and what they could not find they would make up, which was mostly the case.

Those of us that have made mistakes, like myself have paid for them and learnt from their experiences.

But in the stodgy, festering grey matter of internet trolls like the Roberts and their co-authors/contributors, this thrills and stimulates them to the point where their podgy sticky fingers go into a frenzy when presented with a key board.

It must be like feeding a pack of rabid dogs.

So to finish lets take a look at Llandudno’s very own internet troll in all his glory……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..What the first thing that stands out the most?

 Is it his startling good looks?

Or is it his strong Manley frame?

Maybe it his trim firm six pack!

Oh come on I’m only joking.

I think its those flabby jowls either side of his face.

It could be his gormless expression sitting above that huge triple chin.

More likely that barrel sized abdomen which could easily be mistaken for a bouncy castle.

Could be those tight fitting trousers, belted to the hilt in the hope that the festering pile of flab spilling over them does not send them tumbling down to his chubby ankles.

All in all Roberts you fit the image of a troll to a tee, you spent years calling others for how they looked, never a thought for their feelings, you really are a disgraceful waste of blubber, perhaps in the future you will take a good look at yourself before you do others down.

You horrible person.