Thanks To Oscars Second Thoughts…..


Those who have been following the many comments on this and other Blogs about the exploits of David Nigel Roberts and his vile Thoughts of Oscar Blog, cannot have missed the many comments regarding Freemasonry.   The fact that David Nigel Roberts was initiated into freemasonry becomes rather significant as he appears to have the protection of the North Wales Police, Politicians in the form of David Ian Jones MP, and the CPS, all who have strong connections with the World of Freemasonry.

It is fair to mention that, despite some of the information given elsewhere on the Internet, not all Freemasons are corrupt, in fact we would go as far to say that the corrupt in Freemasonry, the Police, Government or other organisations, are the exception rather than the rule.   Freemasonry per se is a Fraternal Organisation dedicated to educating men and women to lead decent and righteous lives, caring for their fellows and supporting many charitable ventures.

Unfortunately, as in all Societies the corrupt grab the headlines and the rest get tainted with the same brush.   It seems the same has happened in this case, the exploits of one despicable, mischievous masonic individual has resulted in the group as a whole being satanised.  However, one corrupt Freemason does not work alone, he fraternises with others sympathetic to his ways and eventually an internal group with a common purpose is formed.  This then pervades the whole organisation and destroys its basic tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

But, there is another angle that Freemasons could follow to rid their organisation of these corrupt individuals.  That is to expel them from the Fraternity, which is however somewhat more difficult to do than say.   There is so much emphasis placed on supporting a Brother, whether he has done right or wrong, that those actually expelled under the Masonic Rules are very few and far between.   Hence the “Good Brethren” are, in fact, ruled and governed by those corrupt few in their assemblies. 

It is about time that the Ancient Order of Free and Accepted Masons got their house in order and started a concerted campaign to rid their organisation of  those who are by their daily actions bringing the Various Masonic Organisations into disrepute.   The corruption, which is brought into daily life through their chosen occupations, such as the Police, must be quashed.

Corruption,  being inbred, continues to breed in those same assemblies and over time becomes the predominant influence in the Lodges or the Organisations to which the Members belong – the Police, the Judiciary, Government and other Groups.   These people and their corrupt actions must be eradicated in order that the rest of Society who have been affected by the likes of David Nigel Roberts can obtain Justice without the fear of collusion between the various departments of the judicial system, caused by the common link of Freemasonry.