More Of The Vile Rubbish Published On The Troll Blog CSI Llandudno…..

As I have said before CSI Llandudno is the latest of the troll blogs to be published by Nigel & Wendy Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno.

They were assisted by others in the authorship, some of who were regular co-authors/contributors to their previous troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

For example Roberts old mate & ex Pat Steve ‘Rico’ Davies.

Davies was infamous in Llandudno for bullying from a distance.
Let me explain, Davies like all bullies relied on a crowd around him, his favourite form of bullying was to throw golf balls which had nails hammered through them, at opposing football fans, that was back in the 80’s/90’s when there were little or no CCTV cameras operating.

These days Davies like all trolls bullies using anonymity over the internet.

So on to CSI:

 Typically for an internet troll the Roberts’s & their twisted palls post an offensive article, then using pseudonyms, for the purpose of stirring the pot, they respond to said article.

They attack Craig Ollerton by super imposing his face on a member of the cast of funny girls, the insinuation being that he is gay.

This is a homophobic hate crime.

The authors of Thoughts for Oscar always refereed to Craig as ‘The Boy Ollerton’.

Again they drag Mr Eyglesheim into the fray, they accuse him of trying to extort money out of Roberts. The truth of the matter is like myself Mr Eygleshiem served a legal writ on Roberts.

Using pseudonyms these twisted souls stir the pot.

Yet again they try to discredit me.

Then they go back to attacking Paraselar family.

Much more of the same.

I would like to add here that the more hurtful of the comments and posts published by these twisted trolls, I will not be re-publishing.

The purpose of posts like this one is to demonstrate just how nasty and vicious these internet trolls really are.

Tomorrow more from Thoughts of Oscar.