The Thoughts Of Oscar Archives……

More from the archives of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, published by Nigel and Wendy Roberts from Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, contributed to and co-authored by several individuals including MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones…..

Above Nigel 7 bellies Roberts, posts about PC Parker, the plod that was having naughty’s with Brunstrom, I’m reliably informed that it was Brunstrom that recruited Nigel 7 bellies, as an Informant… coincidence until Nigel 7 bellies became aware of how important PC Parker was to Brunstrom, he slated her something terrible on his troll blog.
Here Nigel 7 bellies, shows his support for his pals in North Wales Police.

Most of the following are Nigel’s 7 bellies, invented pseudonyms that he used to respond to his posts, in this case the horrible posts he put on his blog before and during the trails of Michael and Anita Creamer.

The posts in question were designed to discredit Mr & Mrs Creamer as much as possible, for example he called Mr C. a rapist. This of course is completely untrue but once a jury member or presiding judge has read comments like that, the damage is done, this was Nigel 7 bellies Roberts, intention and he was readily encouraged by certain officers in North Wales Police who had a vested interest.

One of Nigel,s 7 bellies, favourite Pseudonyms was E-thug and like all the others, E-thug was used to stir the pot.

Nigel 7 bellies Roberts has never had the guts to defame people using his own bloatted identity, which is a typical trait of an internet troll.

The more negative reaction 7 bellies got to his shit stirring and lies the more excited 7 bellies would get excited.

You can bet your life he went through a lot of Kleenex or in his case baby wipes.

Typical of an internet troll This type of behaviour is their only way of achieving sexual gratification, not forgetting Nigel 7 bellies Roberts was at this for over seven years.

By coincidence that’s one year for each of his 7 bellies.

Amongst these many comments by Nigel 7 bellies Roberts, are comments attacking JW Hughes Solicitors.

If JW Hughes had known these vile comments were the work of 7 bellies at that time, I suspect they would have sued his ass, I wonder if they still can?

7 bellies Roberts and his wife Wendy Roberts, are nothing more than disgusting internet trolls and along with their co-authors/contributors like the afore mentioned MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, they should all be publicly shamed.                                    

These last few comments were published during and then at the end of, Mr & Mrs Creamers trails.

The presiding Judge, once he was made aware of the damning comments 7 bellies and co, were publishing, ordered DC Don Kenyon of North Wales Police to have them removed and for no more to be published for the duration of the trail.

Kenyon spoke from Mold Crown Court, with Inspector Ian Verburg, who then spoke with MP for Clwyd West David Jones, who in turn spoke with Nigel 7 bellies Roberts.

This has all been blogged about in previous posts, both on this blog and others.

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