Bail extended yet again…..

The CPS are still undecided whether there is a charge for me to answer or not and seriously what for?

On the 2nd of May this year during the electoral period I published this following article about MP for Clwyd West & contributor/co-author to the vicious troll blog Thoughts of Oscar David Ian Jones.

Corrupt MP Or Not

As David Jones MP for Clwyd West fights to retain his seat the stories of his involvement with the troll blog  ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, will not go away. That disgusting blog and its authors/contributors, which we know that not so honourable MP was one of, is responsible for so much upset and discord over a seven year period.
Last September Guto Bebb, David Jones’s conservative colleague, implied in a speech he made in The House Of Commons regarding the Thoughts Of Oscar Troll Blog, that David Jones was indeed one of the blogs authors.
Mr Jones vehemently denied this, indeed he phoned me out of the blue and spent 40 minutes trying to convince me of his non involvement in the blog.
As a result of that phone call he then invited my wife and I to a meeting at his constituency office during which he spent 57 minutes denying ever having anything to do with the blog in anyway at all.
Yet in a later meeting with his long term business partner Mr Dylan Moore, Mr Moore repeatedly stated that David Jones had been a regular contributor/author to the Thoughts Of Oscar Troll blog.
This has all been publicly aired before, but refuses to go away. 
I believe Mr Jones will before long find himself in a bit of a mess, after all for every lie he tells he needs to tell at least two more to cover the original up.
Now we are all aware that politicians are not the most honest people at the best of times but Mr Jones takes dishonesty to a new level.
Although I like many others want to see Gareth Thomas succeed in beating David Jones in the forth coming election for Clwyd West, I hope that David Jones does retains his seat, why you may ask?
Mr Jones is an embarrassment to the Conservative Party, even his chief whip, Michael Gove has had to take him to task about his dishonesty, David Cameron sacked him from his cabinet position as Secretary Of State for Wales, he fiddled his expenses to the tune of £81,000, he used his position to get his friends privileged audiences with high ranking police officers, as a member of the Masons he has help influence certain legal cases.
This man is the most corrupt and dishonest person I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to and if he retains the Clwyd West seat he will undoubtedly bring more shame and scandal down upon the Conservative Party, which from the point of view of many can and will be a good thing.
Everything in the article is true and has been in the public domain previous to my publishing of it.

David Jones uses section 106 of the 1983 representations of peoples act,  to have me arrested, stating this article published during the last electoral period hindered his chance of re-election, which is utter crap.

The CPS have employed specialist lawyers at the cost of thousands to try and prosecute me, again what for? They have already stated the only bit that concerns them is the bit where I stated Jones used his Masonic connections to influence outcomes of certain trials, that basically means they believe everything thing else I have stated about Jones is true.

I stand by what I have said about him using his Masonic connections, if you look at this set of circumstances, do you think that anybody else other than Jones would have used this law to accuse me of affecting his chances of re-election? no they wouldn’t.

Jones does not like the fact that I have exposed him for the liar he really is, he equally does not like the fact that I have exposed his involvement with the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar, something which he still denies despite evidence to the contrary which cannot be disputed.

I am in possession of a new covert recording that supports every thing I have said about Jones and will be published after this case is concluded.

So far this pointless investigation has cost the tax payer tens of thousands and the costs are still mounting, there is no justification in this and for sure Jones will end up with a huge pile of egg on his face. 

I will never desist in my attempts to out Jones for the horrible person I and many others believe he is.

You reap what you sow Jones.