New information comes to light…..

This morning I blogged about yesterdays bizarre phone call made to me by PC Lee Openshaw, with regards to my publishing the picture of a car that was driving up Hawes drive whilst the driver had both hands off the wheel photographing me getting into my car.

Having investigated further it comes to light that the driver of this car, who is illegally using his mobile phone, is in fact Nigel & Wendy Roberts, the internet trolls and police informants from 2 Hawes Drive, Deganwy, neighbour, Mr Eugene Jenkins of number 1 Hawes Drive Deganwy.

As previously stated I was climbing into my parked car when he flew round the corner in this car and started to photograph me, why?

I do not know as yet who his employers are, it could be North Wales Police and because of his behaviour, it would be safe for me to assume he is a police officer.

That being said I must retract the statement I made when I stated quite understandably that the car he is driving is an unmarked police car, this appears not to be the case & as PC Openshaw says it seems this car is privately owned by Mr Jenkins.

However I still have my concerns about my uninvited conversation with PC Lee Openshaw, He said to me that my publishing my concerns on this blog about this car and its driver, could result in this car being targeted by those responsible for the damage inflicted upon the cars belonging to the internet trolls and police informants Nigel & Wendy Roberts.

Is Openshaw suggesting that I know who is responsible for these recent spates of vandalism or is he implying that Mr Jenkins was a contributor/co-author to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, because as far as I am aware any recent acts of vandalism were connected to authors/contributors to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Keep in mind this blog exists to expose the North Wales Police collusion with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and its authorship/contributors, in addition to expose the very same authors/contributors to that horrible troll blog.

PC Openshaw  says he does not read this blog but all the same does not like the comments published in it. duh. I think in that case Openshaw needs to head the advice his superior Inspector Ian Verburg dished out to many of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar’s victims:

I would like to ask Mr Jenkins and North Wales Police some rather pertinent questions, which can be answered here on this blog, but I doubt very much will be.

1, Is Mr Jenkins to be prosecuted for driving with undue care and attention and also the criminal use of a mobile phone whilst in control of a motor vehicle? I would suggest this task be given to PC Andy Collis, who is infamous for the entrapment of individuals in parked cars with their engines running using a mobile phone.

I think the likely answer to this question would be no. More evidence of selective policing, by North Wales Police.

I have forwarded this same question to professional standards.

2, What has Mr Jenkins done with the pictures he took of me whilst driving illegally?

3, If North Wales Police require me to remove this obvious evidence of a criminal act from my blog please do so in writing stating why.

4, In the event that I get the answers I need I will remove said pictures, but could North Wales Police advice me as to whether or not they will be required to assist their very easy prosecution of Mr Jenkins criminal actions, after all once they are destroyed I will not be able to retrieve them.

If North Wales Police decide to act as they should within the bounds of the law against Mr Jenkins it will be the first professional thing they will have done regarding this whole unnecessary Thoughts of Oscar affair.