PC Lee Openshaw & his strange phone call…..

Yesterday afternoon I received a bizarre phone call from this North Wales Police officer, PC Lee Openshaw.

PC O:  Mr Windmill you write a blog?

ME:     Yes I write a blog.

PC O:   I don’t read it, but I don’t appreciate some of the comments?

ME:      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PC O:   As you know there have been some incidents recently involving criminal damage to cars.

ME:     Yes I am aware of that.

PC O:  You put a picture of a car on your blog claiming it was an unmarked police car.

ME:     I did.

PC O:  It is not a police car it belongs to a private resident and he is concerned that his car might be targeted next.

ME:    Why are you saying this to me? this has nothing to do with me and I do not condone what has happened.

PC O:  Well he feels his car may be targeted.

ME:     If that car does belong to a private resident why was he photographing me from a moving vehicle using both hands?

PC O:  He was not aware of what had happened to Nigel Roberts but was concerned about what you were up to.

ME:     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME:     If you are telling me this is a private car then I shall remove it from my blog.

PC O:  Ok thank you.

This is the conversation as it went. After further investigation I do not believe Openshaw.

But what really concerns me are his comments!

PC O:   I don’t read it, but I don’t appreciate some of the comments?

He does not read this blog yet he does not appreciate some of the comments, duh.

I suspect the comments he is referring to are all associated with Corrupt North Wales Police officers that I have blogged about.

PC Openshaw is I suspect also not happy with my insistence in exposing the collusion between North Wales Police and the authorship behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, especially North Wales Police informants Nigel and Wendy Roberts.

I pointed out that the driver of the vehicle in question was using both hands to photograph me whist in control of a moving vehicle.

This is an offence  even in the event the vehicle was stationary with the engine running, and the evidence is here, I wonder if this ever so diligent North Wales Police officer will pursue this criminal offender? Or if he will not then give it to the over zealous PC Collis, who specialises in pulling people over for mobile phone offences, he pulls people over if he suspects they have been using their phone whilst driving, especially if your face does not fit.

No I doubt the driver of this car will not be questioned at all. As is typical with North Wales Police, they protect the guilty whilst persecuting the innocent.

PC O:  He was not aware of what had happened to Nigel Roberts but was concerned about what you were up to. 

This statement is bizarre, why? well I was parked on the opposite side of the road and was entering my car as this car flew round the corner moments after I had taken pictures of the dreadful damaged done to the two cars belonging to Nigel & Wendy Roberts. Llandudno’s internet trolls and North Wales Police informants, so why would he be concerned about me?

To finish, if this vehicle is not a police car why then was it parked outside the home of the internet trolls and police informants Nigel & Wendy Roberts the following morning? Perhaps Openshaw can answer that.

If any North Wales Police officers telephone me or visit my home again, unless to falsly arrest me I will class this as harassment.

In the event of the above I will have no choice but to contact an outside Police force as North Wales Police are clearly corrupt.