The vile trolls behind Thoughts of Oscar revel in the news that one of their previous victims is seriously ill…..

For some years Nigel & Wendy Roberts along with their known co-authors/contributors to their vile troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, like MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, sort a kind of twisted sport from tormenting many people, one person they loved to target above most was a retired gentleman with awful health problems, Mr Adrian Eglysheim.

Now I know this has all been said before, but some of these perverse individuals have recently revelled in the news that Mr Eglysheim has suffered a heart attack and is seriously ill in hospital.

Nigel & Wendy Roberts and their troll blog Thoughts of Oscar was heavily supported by the owner of the Three Towns Forum, Mr David Roberts AKA Dave R of Dave R photography.

Nigel Roberts uses the pseudonym Mr Tunnock on the Three Towns Forum and he an his little sick gang of trolls were recently enjoying Mr Eglysheims health problems, Mrs Eglysheim read some of what they were saying and pointed out to these horrible people just how ill her husband is, Dave R responded by blocking her from using the forum, which prevented her from seeing what they were saying about her husband.

These people are sick horrible twisted individuals, this ordinarily should be reported to North Wales Police, but there is absolutely no point because North Wales Police as we all know support the behaviour of Nigel & Wendy Roberts & their co-authors/contributors.

This poor excuse for a human being, stole the intellectual property belonging to Mr Craig Ollerton, which enabled him to create the Three Towns Forum, known previously as the Llandudno Local Forum created by Mr Ollerton.

The auhtors/contributors to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar hounded Mr Ollerton relentlessly, which resulted in Mr Ollerton re- locating to Blackpool, sounds extreme I know but is completely true.

With Mr Ollerton out of the way and with the help of Mr Ollertons Web site manager, Mr Ian Ralph, Dave R stole the Llandudno Local Forum and renamed it the Three Towns Forum.

Internet trolls like Nigel and Wendy Roberts are never content, they delight in the knowledge that their attacks can have a  terrible effect on the lives of their victims and their victims families.

These kind of internet horrors never give up their sick behaviour, not even after driving some of their victims to take their own lives, as was the case with Mr J Williams.

Nigel and Wendy Roberts have used the deceased to attack their living relatives, as in the case of Mr Eglysheim when they used the name of his deceased brother, Mr A Wilson to attack Mr Eglyshiem and other members of the group known as VOO, They even created a Twitter account in the of Mr Wilson for the purpose of tormenting Mr Eglysheim.

If we, that is to say the 44 known victims of these internet trolls, had received the correct support and help from North Wales Police then things now would be so much different.

Nigel & Wendy Roberts would have been prosecuted along with their co-authors/contributors, people Like MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, who we know was a regular contributor/co-author to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

 Or the slippery Dylan Moore, solicitor and partner at David Jones solicitors on Trinity square in Llandudno. Moore not only contributed and co-authored that blog he also acted as a buffer for information between the blog and North Wales Police, remembering that Nigel & Wendy Roberts are Police informants.

Then we have Ruby Williams a retired journalist with a vicious tongue who was another regular contributor/co-author, she particularly enjoyed tormenting Mr Ollerton.

North Wales Police have a lot to answer for, they have supported the existence of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar for several reasons, as has already been stated Nigel & Wendy Roberts are police informants and North Wales Police used them and their blog as an lintel tool.

North Wales Police continue in their support of all these nasty people and continue to refuse to investigate this whole awful situation properly.

We on the other hand will continue in our efforts to get justice for all the victims of these nasty people and to expose just how complicit North Wales Police have been.

Tomorrow brings fresh revelations about the involvement of North Wales Police officers with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.