North Wales Police Harassment…..Enough is Enough…..Part one…..

North Wales Police are an utter disgrace, the more this situation continues the worse it gets, the time has come for me to say enough.

  1. December 2012 the authors behind the blog Thoughts of Oscar said that my ‘disabled child had no right to life’, they stated that ‘parents of disabled children were selfish and that their disabled children were a drain on society’.
  2. February 2013 I exposed the three main culprits behind the blog Thoughts of Oscar, Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, Dylan Moore a partner at David Jones solicitors in Llandudno and wait for it yes the big fish, the then Secretary Of State For Wales, MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones. All my findings were made public.
  3. The people behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, sought to attack my wife. our children, (especially my young disabled son) and myself, they were relentless in their efforts.
  4. On March the 3rd 2013 my wife and I reported these criminal attacks against ourselves and our children to North Wales Police. At that time we were completely unaware of North Wales Police involvement with that troll blog and its authors.
  5. WPC Lisa Jones begrudgingly took our statement and after speaking with Inspector Ian Verburg, she informed us that North Wales Police were unaware of those responsible for that blog and there was nothing they, the police could do. AS I WILL DEMONSTRATE THIS IS A MASSIVE LIE.
  6. We came away from the police station feeling demoralised, and quite afraid, with not a clue what to do, we were concerned for the safety of our three children as the people behind the Thought Of Oscar blog had started to publish comments inferring that I was a paedophile, which is entirely untrue, but information like that in the wrong hands could have had serious repercussions, especially for our children. Did the authors behind that disgusting troll blog care about what their lies could have caused? especially to our children, no they did not give a damn, did North Wales Police care? No they did not give a damn either, our lives became a living hell.
  7. March 2014 the attacks against my family and I, by those three vicious internet trolls and there co-authors/contributors, are on going but less frequent.
  8. August 2014 another but more high profile victim of the troll blog, Thoughts of Oscar, contacts me and advises that I follow the developing situation with the that troll blog and its authors/contributors.
  9. September the 9th 2014 MP for Aberconwy, Mr Guto Bebb, in  his house of Commons speech reveals all about the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and some of its authors/contributors.
  10. On the same day in a carefully worded statement that I believe was written by Dylan Moore and approved by MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, Nigel Roberts takes full responsibility for the sole authorship and publication of the Thoughts Of Oscar blog, that is despite publishing this on that troll blog one month earlier. 
  11. As a result of Mr Bebbs speech North Wales Police are ordered to investigate all previous complaints that had been reported about that blog and its authors/contributors, but rebuffed by them, with immediate affect.
  12. September 10th 2014 see’s the birth of the group VOO,, the group started with six members and quickly grew to 29, we now have a membership comprising of 44 individuals from all walks of society and all of which were terribly effected by the authors/contributors to that twisted blog.
  13. October 2014 North Wales Police start their investigation into that blog, the investigating Officer is DC Chris Walsh and the investigation is overseen by DS John Hanson. Please stick with me as there is a lot to come, all of which has resulted in North Wales Police conducting a campaign of harassment against me…………………………..Part two to follow.

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  1. And THE FIRST OF OCTOBER wii see Oscar and his supporters being picked off, ONE BY ONE, and paying the price for their Sins.

  2. Although I have published this comment it is not to say I agree with the insinuation, I do not, but it clearly demonstrates how fed up people are with these horrible trolls and with North Wales Police refusal to act against them.

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