North Wales Police Harassment…..Enough is Enough…..Part Two…..

North Wales Police are completely partial when it comes to policing, the rank and file are liars and corruption is rife, part two of this post will reveal just how inept this force is…..

14.  From the onset of the so called police investigation, we, that is to say all the victims, bar one, could see exactly where this was going. DC Chris Walsh eventually interviewed all those he could be bothered to travel to, I say that because quite a few of the more seriously effected victims of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and its authors/contributors were forced to leave the area due to the extent of the vile attacks against them, by these despicable  internet trolls.

15.  Walsh came to each of us armed with the so called guide lines which he supposedly had to work with, these guide lines in simple terms dictated whether or not comments published on that troll blog were deemed to have reached the threshold for prosecution. DC Walsh presumed to baffle the victims with bullshit, he did not try to see beyond the information he held within the guide lines, you see guide lines are just that, they are a guide, they are not set in stone, if Walsh had bothered to read the government recommended study into on line trolling, produced by Hertfordshire Police force……..……… he would find that his so called guide lines allowed for flexibility and common sense, something Walsh seriously lacked.

16.  So going by his guidelines Walsh sort to discredit most of our complaints, I am quite sure in his mind it was a case of bullshit baffling brains. His crap investigation concluded late January this year, we will get to that soon.

17.  November 2014 Ruby Williams comes into the fray. Ms Williams had long been associated with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and its authors but at this time we were not quite sure how much involvement she had and in order to discover the facts I invited her to meet me for a coffee, there followed the most unusual conversation over Face Book………

18.  Four days later Ruby Williams called me late at night and out of the blue…..

19. Early November 2014, MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones calls me, again out of the blue, there followed a forty minute conversation in which Jones pleads his innocence in having any involvement with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, why? I mean to say why would a person like Jones even bother to speak with the likes of me? let alone spend forty minutes trying to convince me he has never been involved with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, that just does not make sense.

20.  Four days later my wife an I attend the constituency office of David Jones MP, by invitation, Jones proceeds to spend another 57 minutes trying to convince both my wife and I of his innocence, with the authoring or contributing to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.…..

21.  Five days later, again by invitation we attend the offices of David Jones Solicitors in Llandudno, to meet with Dylan Moore, Jones’s business partner. Moore spends just under two hours bleating his innocence with the authoring or contributing to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, but Moore does confirm that David Jones MP for Clwyd west was a regular Contributor/co-author to that very same troll blog, the one that Jones clearly says he did not contribute to in any way what so ever.
Dylan Moore during this interview confirms Nigel Roberts is a police informant.

22.  After this phone call from Ruby Williams…..I get a phone call whilst out shopping with my family from DC Chris Walsh, informing me that Ruby Williams had complained I had been harassing her both over Face Book and by telephoning her. Walsh did not ask for the facts from me just told me to back off. This coming from the officer who is supposed to be investigating our complaints against these people. Clearly as demonstrated by the above links Ms Williams is another bloody big liar, this seems to be a common trait demonstrated by all the above people, lying to protect their own skins.

23.  Nigel Roberts between October 2014 and April 2015 sets up numerous troll blogs and Twitter accounts for the sole purpose of discrediting members of VOO

His Blogs Were                                                                                   His Twitter Accounts were

Llandudno Malice In Wonderland                                                      @orme fox steve
Rhos On Sea Glory Lost                                                                     @WilsonAthol
Colwyn Bay The Last Stand                                                               @loloMorganwg
CSI Llandudno                                                                                    @SeaGritter
                                                                                                             @Nigel Roberts1
A few examples of how he and his co-authors/contributors used these accounts:

 The screen shots I have published here are of the milder variety, most were a lot worse and really rather sick, they would only serve to cause more upset to those they are aimed at by my publishing them.

24. January saw the conclusion of Hanson’s investigation, but before it concluded Hanson met twice with Roberts, Jones, Williams and Moore, not to interview them as one might presume, no these meetings were at the request of MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, why you might ask?
Jones complained to Hanson that I was causing the four of them harassment.

Hanson assured them he would speak with me and not to worry about the investigation, it will go nowhere and then in a few weeks it will all blow over.

Hanson is a corrupt devious little person who never intended to investigate that troll blog or it’s authors/contributors.

In January 2015 a meeting was held with Ian Ralph, like the others this was recorded, but I cannot publish this recording until after I have attended a court hearing with David Jones MP……all will be revealed in time.

Ian Ralfh use to be the owner of Kindway’s computers on Trinity Ave in Llandudno, he managed peoples/business’s websites and looked after problems with their hard drives etc. Ralph confirms during this meeting that MP for Clwyd West David Jones was a regular co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Dylan Moore was the same, but in addition acted as a buffer for information between the blogs authors and North Wales Police, Ruby Williams was a regular contributor as were others so far not mentioned in this post.

Tomorrows instalment reveals just how complicit with that troll blog North Wales Police have been and to what length’s they will go for this information not to be made public.