North Wales Police Harassment…..Enough is Enough…..Part Three…..

DS John Hanson……………………….

I could rattle on about DC Walsh but at the end of the day he just did as he was instructed by his boss.

25.  February this year my wife and I had a meeting with DS John Hanson, at my request not his. We attended Llandudno police station, we were led into a small room where the waiting DS Hanson was, along with DC Chris Walsh.

This meeting was covertly recorded to protect both my wife and I. During the meeting I asked Hanson and Walsh what evidence they had used to conclude their investigation into the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and its authors? Walsh replied, only that which was presented to us by you the victims.

I went on and asked did you seize any of Nigel Roberts computers or mobile devises? the reply was no, I asked why not, the reply was we would need a warrant and no magistrate under these circumstances would issue one. That is utter crap, the complaints against the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar were many and to any other police force, along with the evidence gifted to North Wales police, would have been more than enough for a conviction.

I then asked did you interview Roberts under caution? Walsh replied no, I popped in to his shop for a cup of tea and had a nice chat.

That one statement alone is remarkable, this was a major investigation into a troll blog that had destroyed the life’s of so many, even driving one man to suicide and DS Hanson along with DC Chris Walsh never even thought to officially interview the main culprit, the one individual that had held his hands up and said it was all me.

Realising now I was on a hiding to nothing I asked what these two officers thought about the statement these horrible trolls made against my disabled son and disabled children in general, I quote:
“parents of disabled children are selfish for allowing them life and disabled children are nothing but a drain on society”.
Hanson replied, I quote, “well that statement may be offensive to you but not to others, so their is nothing we can do”.

I was shocked that anyone,s response could be so ignorant, so is it OK for me to call a black person a Niger? what Hanson says is yes it is because that would only offend the black person and nobody else.

I do not think racialism is any more acceptable than hate full comments about disabled children, DS John Hanson is a corrupt vile poor excuse for a man never mind a police officer, DC Chris Walsh, well what can I say?

26. March this year we finally realised just how involved with that troll blog and its authorship North Wales Police really were.

This is what we have unearthed and all of it can be proved without a doubt:

  1. Nigel Roberts published the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, he also helped co-author it and in addition he and his wife are North Wales Police informers.
  2. MP For Clwyd West David Ian Jones was a regular contributor/co-author to that troll blog and in the words of Ian Ralph used it to vent his feelings towards others under the guise of anonymity more so for the short period he was Secretary Of State For Wales.
  3. Dylan Moore co-authored and contributed to the blog, Moore would research various subjects and people, that Jones wanted the blog to pay attention too, he would then write something up and pass it to Roberts for publication. Moore would also pass information to and from the blog to and from North Wales Police, this is all in the words of Ian Ralph which I have recorded and will be made public soon.
  4. Ruby Williams or red wine Ruby, showed public support for that troll blog and also Roberts latest disgusting blog CSI Llandudno. Williams was also a major contributor/co-author to that blog.
  5. Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys denied any knowledge of the blog and its authors between 2007 & 2014, we have an email proving he knew exactly who was behind that blog from at least 2009. Since these revelations and another on going investigation into  Humphreys he has been forced to retire, on full pension of course.
  6. Inspector Ian Verburg also new as early as 2009 despite his continued denials.
  7. DS John Hanson conspired to have the outcome of the  investigation into that troll blog carpeted, resulting in no further action.
  8. DC Chris Walsh just followed his orders.
  9. WPC Lisa Jones when interviewing my wife and I, regarding our complaint against the blog in march 2013, said she had no idea about that troll blog and new not of its authors, she lied we have a statement that WPC Jones took from another victim of the blog back in 2009.

Tomorrow it just gets worse.