North Wales Police Harassment…..Enough is Enough…..Part Four…..

27.  April 05th this year, Nigel & Wendy Roberts along with their co-authors/contributors launch their latest troll blog CSI Llandudno, this blog was by far the most damning and sort to create as much mayhem and harm to all members of VOO, and their families.

Everything these perverted people published on  that blog was screen shot and reported to the police, an investigation was launched and headed by Inspector Emma Naughton, it is my belief inspector Naughton would have sought to convict at the very least, Nigel Roberts, but she was over ruled by her corrupt bosses, the very people that protected the authors/contributors to the Thoughts of Oscar troll blog. That is despite irrefutable evidence, evidence that I presented to a cyber crimes officer from a neighbouring force who clarified to me that the evidence in hand was more than sufficient to convict, but then we knew that any way.

28. April 27th this year, whilst out walking with my son, we are verbally abused by Nigel and Wendy Roberts,

I should have reported this incident but did not, in my mind there was no point, North Wales Police have more than demonstrated that Nigel Roberts can get away with murder.

29.  May the 5th this year CSI Llandudno is wiped from existence & by coincidence that’s the same day I was falsly arrested on two counts. I don’t believe in coincidence. I was arrested for violently harassing Nigel & Wendy Roberts on the 27th of April this year when in fact they were verbally abusive to me on my son, this is demonstrated by the above CCTV evidence.

The Roberts’s had phoned the police on that day and clearly lied. North Wales Police typically when it comes to their informants responded as above.

At the same time I was also arrested for allegedly affecting the chances of re-election during the last electoral period, of, MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones. His reason was this post I published about him on May the 2nd this year…..……all of which is true and I stand firmly by.

Jones as we know was a contributor/co-author to the troll blog published by Nigel Roberts, Thoughts of Oscar, he is also very pally with senior officers within North Wales Police and as with many of these officers he is also a Freemason. So once again typically for North Wales Police they respond by protecting their own.

Early June the charge of violent harassment was dropped against me, due to no evidence what so ever, but to save face the police charged me instead with a section five public order offence, against Nigel & Wendy Roberts.

I was bailed for both offences.

When I appeared at Llandudno Magistrates court later that month, I naturally pleaded not guilty, it was put to me that because I was entering a not guilty plea, if I was convicted my punishment would be so much worse. In other words the CPS and North Wales Police just wanted me to change my plea and get it over with, I didn’t.

The case for the public order offence was due to be heard on July the 29th, hours before the hearing the Roberts’s withdrew their complaint, stating that they stand by what they accused me of but did not want to attend court, I wonder why?

The Roberts were not charged with wasting police time and I was not apologised to.

I am at present still on bail for the Mickey Mouse offence dreamt up by MP for Clwyd West David Jones, as yet I have not been charged but I am hoping I will be, that’s not arrogance on my part, it simply means Jones will have to give evidence and be cross examined, I can during any cross examination, publicly show him for the liar he is.

July this year the tyres on Wendy Roberts car are slashed, September this year both the Roberts’s cars are graffitied with spray paint and Dylan Moore’s car windows are smashed.

I heard on the grapevine about all three incidents and quickly sort to evidence them, by taking appropriate pictures, this after all is in the public interest.

Friday the 25th of September I received a phone call from a PC Barlow, which I might add I happen to think he is OK, this phone call started of  by giving me an update on the David Jones complaint but quickly deviated in the direction of the above spates of vandalism, very crafty PC Barlow.

I do not condone acts of vandalism or violence and know nothing about the above incidents, North Wales Police on the other hand think I do.

Saturday the 26th of September I received 8 phone calls in one hour from North Wales Police and eventually spoke with PC Lee Openshaw……

Sunday the 27th of September, in the evening two female officers attend my home address asking to speak with me, the door is closed in their faces.

I phone 101 to make a complaint of police harassment, I get no response so like Nigel Roberts I phone 999 to make the same complaint.

Later North Wales Police phone again, I politely told the caller not to call again, I then phoned 101 to make another complaint of Police harassment, again no answer so I call 999.

I am now waiting on another call and or another false arrest.

I am amazed at how terribly efficient North Wales Police are when it come to protecting their informants and close friends but when it comes to protecting the victims of these very same horrible internet trolls the police do nothing.

A lady on Trinity Ave had her front windows smashed last year, it took over 24 hours for North Wales police to respond, Nigel Roberts gets his windows smashed they respond in five minutes with seven police cars.

Here in North Wales we have a police force that clearly polices partially. This whole situation needs to be thoroughly investigated and has now been reported to the home office in the hope that a person of great integrity and power picks up the mantle, I will never desist until the afore mentioned internet trolls and corrupt police officers are bought to task.

Somebody has to take a stand even if the odds are crookedly stacked against them.