David Ian Jones, lying twisted Tory MP

For the last five months North Wales Police have had me on bail illegally!!!! at the the behest of the corrupt lying disgusting MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, so how do I know this?

On the 2nd of May this year,during the last electoral period I published this totally truthful post about this wretched excuse for a living useless waste of blubber,

He. the waste of blubber, corrupt, sacked, fiddling, disgraced ex Secretary Of State for Wales, phoned his good, corrupt pals in North Wales Police, and had me arrested for affecting his chances of re-election, by publishing the above post.

He used section 106 of the 1983 representation of the peoples act. lawhttp://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1983/2/section/106

As if this little blog, which is full of overly repetitive posts, can effect anything, but lets not forget this blogs ultimate goal is to achieve the outing of this disgusting weasel, his corrupt Freemason friends and all those nasty evil people behind the authorship of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, which this evil wanker was a main one.

Today I discovered that the CPS had no knowledge of the complaint made against me by David Jones and North Wales Police (conversation recorded), they had no reference to that complaint, so I contacted the corrupt institution that is North Wales Police, they also had no answers (conversation recorded).

I then contacted CPS direct, they also had no reference to the above complaint, it seems North Wales Police and their corrupt Freemason boss David Ian Jones, the soon to be deselected MP for Clwyd West, have acted illegally.

In the morning I will be speaking with Broudie Jackson Canter…….

David Ian Jones is horrible and will do anything he can to protect his political carrier and his internet trolling, he is completely shameless, oh and by the the way Jones your son is big bad Henry…..

I am now off bail and all charges dropped.

I am coming after you Jones………………………..

Legally speaking……..of course, I do not condone illegal actions…..

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  1. And as you are aware, Mr Jones there is someone else after you, who has been a little indisposed over the past couple of weeks. Well all is now well and action will recommence. Maybe it is the right time to resign.

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