The Home Of The Internet Troll & Tory MP For Clwyd West, David Ian Jones…..

Disgraced ex Secretary Of State for Wales, MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones and his home in Rhos On Sea.

From here, his constituency office, his rented private flat in Westminster and within the walls of Parliament, he, Jones has spent many hours authoring the despicable troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, the very same troll blog that he continues to deny any involvement in.

This terrible example of a man is a bloody great liar, who has delighted
in the tormenting of others under the guise of anonymity.

When one or more of his victims start to expose this corrupt little wretch, he contacts his mates in North Wales Police and the Freemasons, to trump up a charge against them, have them arrested, then held on bail for whatever length of time they so please.

All this to try and silence the very people the police should be protecting, his victims.

Yesterday I discovered that my five month period of bail was not even known to the CPS, the very organisation that I had been told numerous times over the last 5 months, were investigating the offence Jones falsly accused me of. In two separate recorded conversations with the CPS yesterday, it was confirmed to me more than once that they had no record of this complaint or my relationship with it.

I therefore can only surmise from this that I have been held on bail illegally and probably still would be had I not contacted the CPS, who then in turn contacted the police, then guess what some ten minutes later I get  phone call telling me that the CPS decision is NFA and my bail no longer applies.

This stinks again of corruption, watch this space because this is now in the hands of my solicitors.

I intend to bring you & your disgusting band of internet trolls down Jones, make no mistake, I care not how long it takes me but bring you down I will.

3 thoughts on “The Home Of The Internet Troll & Tory MP For Clwyd West, David Ian Jones…..”

  1. The actions of the Police, in this matter, also demand investigation. Do they now take their orders from jumped up little no-bodies like David Jones?

    Just wait until David Cameron, the Whips and EVERY OTHER MP IN THE HOUSE, hear about this breach of trust and interference with the Justice System.

  2. Jones has a very interesting working past and very interesting working present that you DONT read on his website

  3. Jones has a very intresting "past working history" and a very intresting current one….neither of which is stated on his website.

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