How To Catch A Rat…..

How to catch a rat, especially the human variety, you know the sort, those that believe they are above the law…..

Here in North Wales we have a group of the human variety, all of which have been afforded the protection of North Wales Police…..some of which are police officers…..

Why would police officers abuse their positions, particularly that huge position of trust that many people naively believe they can have in these officially sworn keepers of the peace…..It was only just over a year ago that I was ignorantly unaware of just how rife corruption is throughout North Wales Police…..

I will avoid going into to much detail, anyone who reads the repetitive posts within the archives of this blog will know how determined I am to expose these human rats for the vile corrupt creatures they are…..

Its difficult to comprehend that in this beautiful area you could have such nasty human filth, I in my naivety believed these sort of people were only common in large built up areas, how wrong I have been…..

This has all come about because of the poison pen style troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, a troll blog forced to close last September, a troll blog that for the previous seven years destroyed the lives of so many, the troll blog That Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, announced on the day of its forced demise, “I am the sole author to the blog Thoughts of Oscar, me and me alone”.

That we know is bullshit, you do not have to be a genius to recognise the different writing styles within the published  posts and comments on that blog.

Roberts and his wife Wendy worked closely with several other twisted individuals especially when it came to the authoring and publication of that troll blog, but there were at least four main characters, the head honcho/troll being none other than the disgraced former Secretary Of State for Wales and current MP for Clwyd West, yes you know who I mean, take a bow for the ultimate, deceitful, corrupt and lying little wretch that is DAVID IAN JONES.

This is a thing, sorry cannot call him a man, that typifies the word abuse.

This thing used his connections in the Freemasons to effect criminal trails, he influenced local government bodies to affect the progression of local businesses, that who’s owners he disliked.

The troll blog Thoughts of Oscar provided this evil wretch with a stage upon which to attack those in politics or other walks of public life, he disliked or disagreed with.

Normal men would use the tools given them to achieve these kind of actions, in the correct manner, but not this cowardly thing, he preferred the cloak of anonymity that Thoughts of Oscar afforded him.

When that troll blog was brought to its knees naturally someone had to take responsibility and that someone was its instigator, Nigel Roberts.

A carefully worded speech was drafted by Dylan Moore then approved by Jones, Roberts was guaranteed protection from both Jones’s Freemason Palls within the North Wales Police and North Wales Police themselves, Roberts we must not forget is a police informer and North Wales Police used that blog as an intel tool for the snaring of various people and to help affect the minds of innocent folk sitting as jurors during criminal trails, I know it sounds far fetched but its completely true.

Just imagine you the reader are sitting for a very high profile criminal case, lets say mortgage fraud, now this a case of no complaint, no moneys owed, no victims in any way shape or form, but North Wales Police want a conviction, so they get their informant to published untrue comments about the accused, like he is a rapist, a deceitful builder, a drug dealer and so on.

A judge can order the jury not to read such comments but in this day and age everyone is going to be curious about those they are sitting for and ultimately deciding their fate.

These sort of comments will effect a persons judgement and in this case they defiantly did.

So all these kind of underhand goings on revolved around the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and its high profile authorship, especially at one time when Jones was Secretary Of State for Wales.

DS John Hanson assured Jones and his co-authors to that blog that his police investigation will go nowhere and that in a few weeks it will all blow over, Hanson you corrupt little fiend, you were wrong, this is not going away, the more lies you all tell the bigger the hole your digging.

This brings me back to how to catch a rat or in this case rats…..

We will start with the as yet unpublished covert recordings that help support everything I am saying, hold on to your britches Jones, the end is nigh!!!!!