North Wales Police show how well balanced they are when dealing with reports of internet harassment…..

Wednesday the 7th of October at 10.23 am four North Wales Police cars and seven officers raid my home.

They inform me I am to be arrested for a section 4 Harassment offence (violent harassment) over the internet.

When I am taken away these corrupt peace keepers then remove all electrical equipment from my home, including my children’s lap tops,iPads, iPhones, and iPods, they also take my disabled sons I Pad and Xbox one.

My two eldest children are home schooled and rely on their laptops for their studies, What North Wales Police expect to learn from their laptops, iPads or iPhones is beyond me, they may learn
something about Minecraft, or how well their education is going, but at the end of the day they are punishing my children because I refuse to give up on the exposing of their collusion with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

My youngest son is disabled, he like all disabled children is a constant delight who loves to sing along to songs and videos on his I pad, we have told him its gone away for an upgrade but he is brokenhearted, what North Wales Police hope to gleam from his I pad I do not know, it beggars belief.

They take my wife’s laptop, I Pad and I Phone which are used for her studies, she is a law student and is studying various course at college, my wife is a bright and extremely lovely woman, who has never put a foot wrong, her only crime, if you can call it that, is that she was with me when I met with David Jones at his constituency office and I recorded our conversation for the protection of my wife and I.

They take my laptop, I pad and I phone. I need the I phone & I pad for the running of my business, so North Wales Police will ultimately loose me my clients and when they discover nothing untoward on these items which will be the case, I will sue them. My laptop contains access to this blog, my other social media accounts and our personal details, banking etc, so have fun.

They take our VHS camcorder, which was purchased ten days ago from E Bay so we could view our old 8mm tapes from when our eldest children were born, along with 3, 8mm tape recordings from 15 years ago. I ask you what can they gleam from that? it has no hard drive just a recording of a drive my wife, our then baby daughter and I took across Europe in the year 2000. Its bloody perverse.

They take my car SAT NAV. That will show them a lot, I do not think

They take our WIFI router, why?

They rip wires out of sockets consoles computers etc creating unnecessary damage.

They take our family passports and all our personal mail. What for? are we going to leave the country? or do they just want to overly abuse their power, it is bloody ridiculous.

They take my daughters camera which she uses for her photography course.

They take my camera which has only been used for our holidays.

They spent an inordinate amount of time rifling through my wife’s underwear draws, leaving a huge mess behind them.

They then arrest my wife, this is a lady who has never put a foot wrong in life. During interview we discover that their excuse for this is because was that Wendy Roberts saw her with a large camera that had a huge lens taking photographs of the Roberts’s damaged cars, which is a blatant lie and then say that is violent harassment (which I will come to later).

When they arrest my wife they do not read her her rights or inform her why she is being arrested. All this is recorded, the daft fools did not remove the CCTV or audio recorders, which were activated when I saw them pulling up mob handed and is now in the hands of our solicitors.

At arrival in custody I am informed of my rights and why I have been arrested. When my wife arrives she is not informed of the reason for her arrest.

We are both held for 15 hours, 10 hours into our incarceration I am finally interviewed by two female CID officers.

I am informed that MP for Clwyd West David Jones and co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Nigel Roberts from Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, North Wales Police informant and publisher/co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Wendy Roberts, his wife and co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Dylan Moore Solicitor and  co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and Ruby Williams co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar all felt threatened because I published this comment sent into my blog,

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
Bangers and Smash.
This was the justification North Wales Police say they needed to arrest me under section 4 of the harassment act, (violent harassment). Which entitled them to do all the above.
I might mention at this point that Nigel and Wendy Roberts accused me of violently harassing them last April the 27th, after being arrested and detained and just before it going to court the Roberts’s withdrew their complaint, why? because the CCTV evidence showed them to be the aggressors, they air habitual liars, but hats okay with North Wales Police.
At the time of that arrest, I am also arrested for an electoral offence, David Jones accusing me of affecting his chances for re-election, I am kept on bail for five months then told that the CPS decide no further action to be taken, I check with the CPS but they have no record of that complaint against me, why? it seems I was kept on bail illegally, a matter that is being investigated by my Liverpool based solicitors!!!!
Now for a comparison
The above mentioned people who along with others contributed/co-authored the internet troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, between 2007 & 2014, they criminally harassed at least 44 different people, their families, businesses and children.
Their troll blog was forced to closed after it was publicly exposed in the House Of Commons, on September the 9th last year, North Wales Police were heavily criticized for their refusal to act on the many complaints about that blog and its authors/contributors, during the period of its terrible reign of torment, and were ordered to investigate all complaints that they had received and any new ones brought to them thanks to the public exposure and closing of that troll blog.
The investigating officers DS John Hanson and DC Chris Walsh were presented with a mountain of evidence by the blogs victims, evidence that included homophobic hate crimes, the use of others peoples identities by that troll blogs authors/contributors to terrorize their chosen victims, evidence of the use of deceased peoples identities to terrorize their chosen victims, hateful comments about disabled children and threats of violence, the list is endless.
Despite all this concrete evidence the investigating officers never sort to interview Nigel Roberts (The one person who said in a public statement, after the closure of that troll blog, that he was the only author to the blog Thoughts of Oscar), they never seized any of his internet equipment and declared that the evidence they had received did not cross the threshold for prosecution.
So please can somebody explain to me what is North Wales Police’s justification for my wife and I being arrested, dragged off incarcerated, all our electrical equipment and those of our children removed for evidence and not forgetting the other personnel items.
Because I am at a loss.
At this stage I would ask the reader to keep in mind these few things,
MP for Clwyd West David Jones promised to cause as much harm and disruption  to my family and I, because I had exposed without any doubt his involvement in the contribution to/authoring of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and he is also a Freemason with Masonic connections among the hierarchy of North Wales Police.
In January of this year during a meeting at Police Headquarters DS John Hanson assured David Jones, Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore and Ruby Williams that his investigation into that troll blog will go nowhere and it will all be swept under the carpet within a few weeks.
Nigel Roberts in a recorded admission from Dylan Moore, supplied information to North Wales Police, implying Roberts is a Police informer.
North Wales Police used that troll blog as an intel tool.
On the other hand my wife, our children (especially our disabled son) and I were, along with 39 others, victims of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, all I am seeking to do is get the known authors/contributors to that troll blog brought to Justice and expose the very obvious North Wales Police collusion with the same. We have even agreed on three occasions to mediation between ourselves the police and the above mentioned people to bring this to an agreeable conclusion.
This is all fact, North Wales Police and David Jones think they can bully me and mine, by falsely arresting and incarcerating me, they do the same to my wife and why? to put more pressure on me, what next? are they going to go after my children perhaps come up with a reason to take them from us? I would not put it past them, does that bother me? of course it does, and why? because they, the Police have the authority to abuse and Jones has the political power and connections to use. 
None of these people care one bit how that vicious blog and its authors/contributors have affected so many, the police couldn’t care less about the effect their raiding my home in the way they did may have had on my children, its no wonder morale and faith in the police is at an all time low, I know I could never trust them again, my eldest son had aspirations of joining the police, not now I think, unfortunately my children will probably feel the same after witnessing the police raid our home take their things and drag their mother and father away, and what for? because I published the above comment sent into my blog, its unbelievable.
I am asking for someone good, with common sense and the know how to help me because I do not trust North Wales Police and believe them and Jones capable of anything to cover up their corrupt behaviour, this latest  act by them is the very proof I need.
I have to be careful what I publish about the above people because of my bail conditions, all that is published in this post is fact and has already been published in the public domain by others and myself.
My wife and I have the communicated with the reputed Liverpool firm of solicitors Broudie Jackson Canter, who are specialists in suing the Police and are issuing proceedings against North Wales Police and in turn David Jones.
North Wales Police will end up with egg on their faces again, just as they did last time I was arrested because of false allegations made against me by Nigel & Wendy Roberts and David Jones, that is unless of course they attempt to fit me up, they are that corrupt I would not put it beyond them and lets face it anyone with half a brain can see that they have acted incredibly partially and completely over the top, in this instance.
I have tried to speak with the powers that be at North Wales Police but they refuse to communicate with me, why?
No matter how much North Wales Police and David Jones try to bully me I will see this to its end, a copy of this post has been emailed to the Home office, various investigative journalists and the independent along with information from the downloaded backed up hard drives of my wife’s and my laptops.
If there is one thing I have learnt from my dealings with David Jones and North Wales Police is that I cannot take anything for granted so for that reason, I back up daily my computers and I pad, and record everything in the event that this sort of thing should happen and I am not stupid enough to leave everything in one place.

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  1. Arrested for this comment?

    The Blue Touchpaper
    19 September 2015 at 07:59
    Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.

    Surely anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that this is a play on the recent very welcome announcement that the local Internet Troll, Nigel Roberts, is selling up and moving on. He announced that he was shutting shop on the 31st. October just before the annual celebration of Guy Fawkes. So there is reason for a double event, say Goodbye to the Troll and celebrate it with Guy Fawkes Night and a good plateful of traditional Bangers and Mash! Start the event off by lighting the Blue Touch Paper as is normal with such displays, and is an accepted British expression to get things going.

    Anyone who regarded this as a threat of some kind must be totally paranoid, but then looking at those who regarded it as so, we have an MP, a Solicitor, an Old Hack, a Shopkeeper and his Wife, all who could probably do with the attention of a psychiatrist.

    The Police did eveything they could to turn an innocent comment into a major incident, perhaps a leeson or two will be learnt. If the Police had dealt with Oscar and his thoughts correctly at the outset it would, by now, all be history.

  2. Very well written !
    IIt's rare to see a family as nice as you guys, you wouldnt harm anyone or anything in any way ! this should not have gotten this far, as you said all it would have taken is a public apology to all the victims!!
    I have completely lost faith in the policing system, not just because of what happened here but my own recent encounter with my disabled son and they way he was treated.
    Good luck with your plight for justice, I'm here if needed x

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