An Email to Emma Naughton.

Hello Inspector Naughton,

As you are probably aware last Wednesday both my wife and I were arrested.
In interview I was discovered it is for a comment I published on my blog sent in by someone using the name blue touch paper. You, the police called this violent harassment!!!!!!
Along side our completely disproportionate arrest our home was raided, in front of our children, along with my laptop, iPhone and iPad the three children’s laptops, iPhone and iPad’s were taken, even our disabled sons iPad and Xbox.
They also took an old VHS camcorder witch has no memory facility, two cameras, four memory sticks, three old phones, four old memory cards, personal paper work, the WiFi hub, our passports and of course my wife’s laptop iPhone etc.
There is no justification for this type of action against my family and I, it is completely disproportionate.
When my wife was arrested she was not read her rights or informed of why she was arrested.
We were incarcerated for 15 hours.
I would like to know who authorized our arrest and the raiding of our home, I would respectfully request a full copy of statements made by David Jones, Nigel and Wendy Roberts, Dylan Moore, his wife Mark Bonsall and Ruby Williams.
I would like to know why our passports were taken, why my children’s laptops which are used for their studies were taken, why my sons Xbox was taken, why electrical items with no storage facilities were taken and most importantly why one little comment published by me but not written by me justified this action, when last February during a recorded meeting with DS Hanson, Hanson told me the mountain or evidence presented to him by the victims of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, was not enough to even interview Nigel Roberts let alone raid his premises or home for the purpose of gaining more evidence, evidence which included comments like, ‘Windmill needs a cap up his arse’, this means I am to be shot or buggered.
There is quite clearly something completely not right here, North Wales Police are clearly hiding something and are clearly protecting Nigel Roberts, his Wife, David Jones etc.
You do not need to be a genius to see this.
Nigel Roberts is also running a new blog which again is terrorizing all the victims of Oscar, it is operating in the same way CSI Llandudno did, Roberts has tried to deflect attention away from him by blaming me for this blog, something you will discover to be completely untrue when you strip down our hard drives, this blog is called Llandudno……………
I told you before as long as those with the power to let Roberts get away with his vile trolling, he will never stop, what do you, our so called protectors need to happen to act against these horrible people? something terrible will happen to one or more of us, their victims, unless you put a stop to them and when it does North Wales Police will be held to account.
Everything we have campaigned for has been documented and stored away from this property and is also in the hands of our legal team, who thanks to the latest actions of North Wales Police have been able to get legal aid granted for both myself and my wife.
I am appalled at the level of unprofessional behavior demonstrated by North Wales Police and the clear level of corruption through your ranks, do those responsible for the way my family are being treated think this will make me cease in my efforts to expose the obvious corruption within North Wales Police, the obvious collusion between North Wales Police, David Jones, Nigel Roberts and the Troll blogs they operate, all you have done is to strengthen my resolve.
I would appreciate some answers but doubt I will get any.
Richie Windmill.

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  1. Richie Windmill was recently arrested for posting the following comment on his Internet Blog.

    “The Blue Touchpaper 19 September 2015 at 07:59
    Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.”

    This was posted shortly after the Troll, Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents informed everybody in a public notice, that he was retiring from the retail business mentioned above. Naturally, many people in the town were delighted to hear this news and it was suggested that the day of his retirement be celebrated. As the date is very close to the annual event of Guy Fawkes a double celebration was considered and the Guy Fawkes effigy considered to serve the purpose of symbolically ridding the town of two rogues at the same time.

    To start a firework display it is normal to “light the blue touchpaper” and during the ceremony to partake of one of Britain favourite meals, “Bangers and Smash”, simple to make, simple to serve.

    Anyone who saw anything more sinister in the comment must be suffering from extreme paranoia and could do with seeing a psychiatrist at the earliest opportunity. However when one realises who those people are, who saw demons and dragons in the comment, then maybe one can understand the stress and strain that is suffered by MP's, Solicitors, ex Journalists, and a few other less than rational people. Between them they have cost untold Police time and expense, completely disrupted the lives of a respected local family, all to satisfy their own selfish and thoughtless fantasies.

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