Threats and Innuendos…..

Here we go again, North Wales Police have given a free reign to all the authors/contributors to the the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, to carry on trolling via anonymity and do very much as they wish, and so it has started.

Threatening comments are being sent into this blog thick and fast, all of which are not published but saved and reported.

When I say reported not to North Wales Police, no, there is no point they, the Police only investigate the victims of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, not the perpetrators, of course the perpetrators are only to aware of this so are now enjoying a free and easy campaign against us all.

We do however have the help of South Wales Police due to the fact one of the members of VOO are resident in Cardiff, which is enabling him to report all these offences, as he has also been a target for these sick horrible trolls.

I am on bail for a trumped up offence manufactured I believe by Superintendent John Hanson and those responsible for the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, my bail conditions are identical to the conditions imposed upon me between 05-05-15 to 05-10-15, during that time I blogged continually about the involvement of David Jones MP for Clwyd West and others in the authoring/contributing to the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar. I was never approached by North Wales Police for breach of bail during that period, after inquiring of my solicitor, if I blogged in a similar fashion could North Wales Police now say I have broken my bail, the answer is no, otherwise they should have done previously.

I only ever blog about facts especially where these people are concerned.

So where will it end? we know we have no protection here in North Wales, as the Police are up to their necks in collusion with some of the more prominent authors/contributors to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Some one belonging to VOO is sooner or later going to get hurt because of the lies that are being published on the new troll blog run by the authors/contributors of Thoughts of Oscar, Thellandudno…………

I have no intention of naming it, that is what they want. I have informed Inspector Emma Naugthon of North Wales Police but am only to aware of all the good that will do.

When the inevitable happens all members of VOO will take this and other warnings to the highest level, ensuring that North Wales Police are held accountable.

This is never going to end, unless the North Wales Police  Force is exposed for the corrupt and partial force it is.