Traditional Old Goat Recipe…..

Lots of old goats in this area…..

When we lived abroad we had our own little self sufficient life style.

We had chickens, for eggs and to eat, we had goats, for milk and to eat and we had an all around the year veg garden.

This is very much how people traditionally lived.

One of my favourite recipes was goat freshly killed and prepared, I know that sounds a bit barbaric but it is not.

The Kill…..

We would select a goat for the kill, normally we would take a goat that had stopped producing milk or an old billy. Most people would use younger goats as the meat tends to be more tender but we preferred old goat.

Once the old goat had been selected and caught, its hind legs would be bound, then we string it from a tree.

I would then slit its throat and let it bleed out, once it had bled and whilst still strung up, I would remove it’s head then skin and gut it, finally I would clean and salt it, leaving it hanging for about 12 hours.

The Preparation…..

The goat would be unstrung and cut into joints, then used accordingly.

After choosing a suitable chunk of meat cut into into bite sized segments, pepper and salt it, rub it in corn flour, put it in a large casserole dish along with enough vegetable broth to just cover the meat add some fresh sage and parsley, drizzle with lemon, then cook at a low heat for about eight hours.

Serve with chunky bread and olive oil.