Facts…..Facts….. and more Facts again…..


David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West, contributor/co-author to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Dylan Moore Solicitor and partner at David Jones Solicitors, in the words of Ian Ralph he was also a contributor/co-author of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar. Moore also says David Jones was a cotributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar,

Ruby Williams retired journalist and contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Ms Williams accuses me of harassing her but as this recording proves it is actually the other way round, I only tell the truth Ruby.

Nigel Roberts the publisher and self confessed author to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Roberts and his Wife accuse me of violent harassment, an accusation they later withdraw, as you will see the CCTV evidence clearly shows them harassing my son and I…..

Next….The Ralph recordings…….

1 thought on “Facts…..Facts….. and more Facts again…..”

  1. You and your family have bern through a traumatic time, yet the b*****d who made the false accusation, wasted Police and CPS time and resources, walks away as if nothing has happened. The man is a liar and a charlatan and should be prosecuted for wasting Police time. The others are all just miserable excuses for humans and the sooner they crawl back into their sewers the better.
    The day of reckoning will come and God will punish accordingly.

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