Facts Facts And Still More Facts…..

For eight years North Wales police refused to acknowledge their collusion with the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar and its authors, certain corrupt police officers are still denying any knowledge of the authorship behind that blog and some of those corrupt officers are determined to keep me quiet, no matter what the cost.

On the 03-03-2013 My wife and I attended Llandudno Police station to report the disgusting things that were appearing about our children and ourselves on the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Comments like “Windmills disabled child is a drain on society and his parents are selfish for allowing him life”.

We were interviewed by WPC 1555 Lisa Jones, who told us quite clearly that she had ‘never heard of the Thoughts of Oscar blog and that there was nothing North Wales Police could do’.

We asked WPC 1555 Jones to speak with someone senior to herself, she leaves the room for a short while then returns, informing us that she had spoken with this officer:

Inspector Ian Verburg of North Wales Police, who had told her that he knew not of the blog or it’s authorship.

So lets look at the lies……

Lie number 1.  WPC 1555 Lisa Jones on 03-03-2015 tells us she has never heard of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

In 2009 Ms Lynn Smith reported her concerns about the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and rubbish that was being published on by its authors.

WPC 1555 Lisa Jones records Ms Smiths statement in regards to the blog Thoughts of Oscar, the very same blog that in March 2013 she says she has never heard of.

Lie number 2.  During a high profile trial in October 2010 The judge orders DC Don Kenyon of North Wales Police to speak with the authors behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and order them to remove lies that are published on their blog about the defendants, within a period of two hours and without leaving Mold Crown Court, DC Don Kenyon returns to the box and swears an oath that the authors behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar had been spoken with,

DC Kenyon had contacted Inspector Ian Verburg who had then himself spoke with the two main authors to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

How did Verburg achieve this when in 2013 he tells WPC 1555 Lisa Jones that he has no knowledge of those responsible for the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar, not forgetting that between 2010 and 2014 and on more than one occasion Verburg repeats this to other people who complain to North Wales Police about that troll blog.

Image result for chief superintendent simon humphrey of north wales policeLie number 3.  Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys of North Wales Police between 2009 & 2014, denies any knowledge of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and its authorship.

In 2011 a local business employs the service of a reputed private detective, to discover the true identities of the main protagonists behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

After a very protracted investigation and with the assistance of sophisticated data searching equipment. this investigator presents his conclusions, which reveal the identities of those who are responsible for the troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar.

Nigel Roberts formerly of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, David Jones MP for Clwyd West & Dylan Moore solicitor and partner at David Jones solicitors in Llandudno.

During the course of the investigators investigations he presented himself at the offices of David Jones solicitors to discuss the issue of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, with Dylan Moore, Dylan Moore who had been in reception on his arrival disappeared to an up stairs office refusing to speak with him, the PI then visited the home of Nigel Roberts, who sent his wife out to deal with him, The PI introduced himself and requested to speak with Nigel Roberts, Wendy Roberts told him to leave her property or she would call the police, which the PI promptly did but not before leaving his business card and requesting Roberts contacts him.

Less than twenty minutes after leaving Roberts property the PI receives a call from non other than Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys who demands the PI leaves his investigation into the authorship of the Thoughts of Oscar blog alone.

Why would a high ranking police officer call on the PI? if that had been necessary at all a PCSO would have dealt with that call.

Simon Humphreys has consistently denied any involvement  or Knowledge in or of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, yet we have an email sent from Nigel Roberts to MP for Aberconwy Guto Bebb, on the 09-09-2014 confirming that some four years previous he, Roberts had personally informed Superintendent Simon Humphreys that he, Roberts was one of the authors behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Lie number 4.

DS John Hanson is tasked with the task of overseeing the investigation into the Thoughts of Oscar blog, after the blogs reign of terror is revealed in a House of Commons speech on 09-09-2014 and as a consequence is forced to close.

DS Hanson carries out the most lack lustre investigation ever, he is presented with an overwhelming amount of evidence by the blogs many victims, he is presented proof of the MP for Clwyd West David Jones involvement with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and the involvement of others.

While his investigation is on going he meets with all the main protagonists responsible for the authoring of/contribution to, the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, not as you may think, to question them re-their involvement, no but at the insistence of these people themselves to complain about my supposedly harassing them.

What ever happened to sub judice? John Hanson assured these people his investigation will bare no fruit and within a couple of weeks will be swept under the carpet.

What and who is Hanson protecting?

What are North Wales Police trying to hide and why do they continue to lie? We need a thorough investigation into this very corrupt situation, preferably by an outside Police force an or a good investigative journalist.