Thanks to Mr Llandudno…..

In an official police statement Nigel Roberts infers the new troll blog attacking VOO members was made to look like it was written by him, inferring it has been written by me or someone associated with me, this of course is an utter lie, as Roberts fully well knows.

The blog in question is published by Roberts good mate and fellow internet troll, Steve ‘Rico’ Davies, this is something Roberts is only to aware of and if his corrupt pals in North Wales Police were to do to him what they have recently and unlawfully done to my family and I then this could be easily proved.

Monday, 19 October 2015

A Formal Announcement

Steve ‘Trojan’ Davies has been exposed as the 

author of Llandudno’s latest troll style blog.

For readers who do not know who Steve ‘Rico’ Davies is, he’s a Llandudno lad who moved to California some years ago, he’s also a big pal of Nigel Roberts. Like his good friend he goes about his internet business using various aliases.

He’s known as a bit of a trouble maker, enjoys writing anonymous blogs from the comfort of his Golden State home, attacking various people, this man has authored at least 3 poison pen blogs, 2 in the last year alone.

It’s funny how the news of a troll blog authored on the other side of the world can make it’s way right out of Nigel’s ‘it’s nothing to do with me’ mouth…..But we must thank Nigel for his help in exposing his pal Steve’s latest blog, if Nigel had not made a statement to North Wales Police in which he says that ‘a friend told him of a new blog that was well written that was attacking Richie Windmill & Craig Ollerton’ we might never have been able to discover who the author of the wannabe Oscar blog was, thanks again Nigel!!!

Steve has a strange obsession with Craig Ollerton, he has accused Craig Ollerton of authoring this blog, he enjoys writing about Craig Ollerton, he likes to collect pictures of Craig Ollerton, why we do not know, it seems an odd thing for a 50ish year old man to do.

So after setting a special investigator on to the task of tracking down who was behind the new troll blog, we sat back and waited for Steve to make mistakes, which he has. 

His language skills have bitten him on his wide arse.

Note the spelling of the word ‘formally’ when announcing his father’s death last year.

And now fresh from his latest blog post

The incorrect spelling appears again….for the benefit of Steve, you should have used ‘formerly’

So there we have it, Steve Davies is added to the gallery of local trolls.

Here at Mr Llan HQ, we’d like to thank the special investigator, you really were worth every penny (or should we say cent?!) and of course Nigel.

A message to Rico: Expect a visit from a law enforcement agency over the pond.

Mr Llandudno

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  1. So you've got evidence in the screenshot showing Steven Davies who was Trojan on the Three Towns Forum and Nigel in his friend list on Facebook. In the next frame you have Nigel disclosing this troll blog to North Wales Police saying it's nothing to do with him, and the Mr Llandudno blog showing grammatical links which point near conclusively to the believed author who is in his facebook friendliest. Why are the police not questioning Nigel over who provided this information to him. Will Nigel come clean or protect his friends, again? Why doesn't he do the honourable thing and help this investigation if he wants his name cleared. Shrugging shoulders and saying he doesn't know who is behind it is no longer a valid answer. He is being caught out for every lying on a number of accounts from what I have read on your blog Richie. Someone has given that man information about that blog. Why are we not getting answers.

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