The Irony Of It All…..

How did I get drawn into the mess that is the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and the corruption between the authors of that troll blog and North Wales Police?

In September 2011 my daughter was assaulted. After contacting North Wales Police we eventually got a visit from a PCSO who was useless, that was followed by two other PC’s who were equally as useless.

Finally the situation was dealt with by this officer PC Mike Smith, who did a fantastic job, which concluded with a conviction against the thug who assaulted our daughter.

In conclusion I wrote a post which was published on my first blog, thanking PC Mike Smith for the job he did.

Praise where praise is due.

In response to my post I was contacted by the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, the authors said to me that ‘Mike Smith cannot be trusted’ ‘Mike Smith is nothing but trouble, stay away from him’.

Now this troubled me, why would someone respond in such a manner to a clearly positive post about a police officer fulfilling his duty, responsibly and professionally?

Lets face it a positive post referencing North Wales Police, like the one I wrote and published about PC Mike Smith is rarer than sightings of Christ strolling up Conwy High Street, closely followed by his disciples.

In response to the comments sent to me by the authors of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, I replied thus. “I do not appreciate being told who I should or shouldn’t speak about or demonstrate trust in, especially in the case of PC Mike Smith, I will judge a man for myself”.

The authorship took offence to that retort and decided I was fare game for a verbal bashing via anonymity over the internet. Next we discovered we were being stalked, my wife was receiving messages on her blog ‘Mama you talk’, from the Thoughts of Oscar Twitter account.

One must keep in mind here that my wife’s blog ‘Mama You Talk’ had only been up and running a short while and was known only to five persons, My father and mother in law, the Thoughts of Oscar blog, my wife and myself.

One message went as follows: “I saw you all walking to school did you take the children to buy some sweets, did you turn left to go the shop or did you go straight to school”?

As you can imagine this and other similar comments freaked my wife out, it was all very weird and obviously the behaviour of someone not, a full shilling.

Then pictures of our home, our car and our children started to appear on the blog Thoughts of Oscar, and its associated Twitter account, the straw that finally broke the camels back came when the authors behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar started to target disabled children.

This comment appeared on the Thoughts of Oscar Twitter account: ‘Parents of disabled children are selfish, disabled children are a drain on society’. 

That comment was followed by more scathing comments similar but worse and aimed at our disabled son, these comments appeared directly on the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

That was the last straw for me and unbeknown to me at the time, determined my immediate future.

I set about discovering who was responsible for that disgusting troll blog.

Beginning by studying that troll blogs archives.

One of the first things that came to light, which had troubled me from the outset was the reason for the authorship of that troll blog taking such a dislike to PC Mike Smith.

PC Mike Smith had carried out his own investigation into the authors behind that troll blog back in early 2011, his findings were submitted to Inspector Ian Verberg, Verberg strangely enough did no more than pay a personal visit to Nigel Roberts at his shop (Nigel Roberts Newsagents).

This was how I became involved in this corrupt mess, I started off by simply defending a North Wales Police officer.

Roberts was never interviewed or punished for the dreadful posts and comments he had published on the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar. Some time later we discovered Roberts to be a police informer.

In addition we discovered that the MP for Clwyd West was a major contributor/co-author of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, by the time of that discovery he was also Secretary Of State for Wales and heavily connected to senior figures in North Wales Police.

(Again I must say that before North Wales Police get their knickers in a twist and accuse me of breaking my bail conditions for the above comment concerning David Jones, (who will undoubtedly be on the phone the moment he reads this post) this has all been said before and is in the public domain)

When Verberg visited Roberts at his shop I believe that is when Verberg recruited Roberts as an informant, nothing else but that makes any sense because at the time of Mike Smiths concluded investigation, Roberts had published homophobic hate crimes he had wrongly accused others of being rapists, paedophiles, drug dealers and so on, all this amounted to, at the very least criminal harassment but Roberts and his co-authors were never even questioned let alone arrested.

One must again keep in mind that on the 09-09-2015 Roberts took sole responsibility for that disgusting troll blog, the police had denied ever knowing who was behind that blog and had told the many people who complained to North Wales Police prior to the 09-09-2015, that because they did not know who the authors were they could not act against them.

So why is then when on 09-09-2015 after Roberts publicaly admitted his involvement in the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, handing himself on a plate to North Wales Police, to now act against Roberts and that blog, didn’t they act…………..

North Wales Police on the 09-09-2015 were ordered to investigate all the complaints brought to their attention prior to the 09-09-2015.

Roberts had given them the culprit by his own admission, they, the police had recorded evidence of harassment, hate crimes, homophobic hate crimes, identity theft, a whole list of false allegations against the victims of that blog, this was recorded by them between 2007 & 2014,

Then were presented a mountain of new evidence by that blog s many victims during their investigation, yet they never even interviewed Roberts, let a lone arrested and detained him. WHY?

Superintendent John Hanson was in charge of that investigation and concluded the evidence he had did not cross the threshold for prosecution, that’s despite prior to 09-09-2015 the Police saying “We can do nothing about the blog Thoughts of Oscar, because we do not know who is behind it”, inferring they would act against the authors, if they knew the identity of those responsible.

In the email in January 2014 sent to one of the blogs victims by PC Cawood he says ” We, North Wales Police have tried to prosecute the people responsible for the blog Thoughts of Oscar, but have failed due to the fact we do not know who they are”.

Again I must repeat, Nigel Roberts publicly stated he was responsible for that blog on the 09-09-2014, so why did North Wales Police, particularly Superintendent John Hanson, not then arrest Roberts, detain him and interview him under caution, in addition why did they not seize all his computers, hard drives and mobile devices to obtain the extra evidence they required, if at all they did require any extra evidence. 

Hanson says they would have needed a warrant to do just that. Bullshit.

Now without wishing to repeat myself again, it is necessary do do so, in order to present a comparison. Keeping in mind of course that Hanson set a precedent for arrest and seizure of property because of his above conclusions and statements, when someone is accused of internet harassment.

Wednesday the 7th of October 2015, at 10.23 am five North Wales Police cars and seven officers raid my home.

They inform me I am to be arrested for a section 4 Harassment offence (violent harassment) over the internet, because I published the below comment sent into my blog by another.

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
Bangers and Smash.
This was the justification North Wales Police say they needed to arrest me under section 4 of the harassment act, (violent harassment). Which entitled them to remove all the items mentioned below Without a warrant.
Would somebody with a modi-come of intelligence please explain how that one comment warranted  all the below actions by North Wales Police, yet all the evil nasty comments published by the authors of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar did not warrant such attention.

When I am taken away these corrupt peace keepers then remove all electrical equipment from my home, including my children’s lap tops,iPads, iPhones, and iPods, they also take my disabled sons I Pad and Xbox one.

My two eldest children are home schooled and rely on their laptops for their studies, What North Wales Police expect to learn from their laptops, iPads or iPhones is beyond me, they may learn
something about Minecraft, or how well their education is going, but at the end of the day they are punishing my children because I refuse to give up on the exposing of their collusion with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

My youngest son is disabled, he like all disabled children is a constant delight who loves to sing along to songs and videos on his I pad, we have told him its gone away for an upgrade but he is broken hearted, what North Wales home to gleam from his I pad I do not know, it beggars belief.

They take my wife’s laptop, I Pad and I Phone which are used for her studies, she is a law student and is studying various course at college, my wife is a bright and an extremely lovely woman, who has never put a foot wrong, her only crime, if you can call it that, is that she was with me when I met with David Jones at his constituency office and I recorded our conversation for the protection of my wife and I.

They take my laptop, I pad and I phone. 

They take our VHS camcorder, which was purchased three weeks ago from E Bay so we could view our old 8mm tapes from when our eldest children were born, along with 3, 8mm tape recordings from 15 years ago. I ask you what can they gleam from that? it has no hard drive just a recording of a drive my wife, our then baby daughter and I took across Europe in the year 2000. Its bloody perverse.

They take my car SAT NAV. That will show them a lot, I do not think

They take our WIFI router, why?

They rip wires out of sockets consoles computers etc creating unnecessary damage.

They take our family passports and all our personal mail. What for? are we going to leave the country? or do they just want to overly abuse their power, it is bloody ridiculous.

They take my daughters camera which she uses for her photography course.

They take my camera which has only been used for our holidays.

They spent an inordinate amount of time rifling through my wife’s underwear draws, leaving a huge mess behind them.

They then arrest my wife, this is a lady who has never put a foot wrong in life. During interview we discover that their excuse for this is because was that Wendy Roberts saw her with a large camera that had a huge lens taking photographs of the Roberts’s damaged cars, which is a blatant lie and then say that is violent harassment (which I will come to later).

When they arrest my wife they do not read her her rights or inform her why she is being arrested. All this is recorded, the daft fools did not remove the CCTV or audio recorders, which were activated when I saw them pulling up mob handed and is now in the hands of our solicitors.

At arrival in custody I am informed of my rights and why I have been arrested. When my wife arrives she is not informed of the reason for her arrest.

We are both held for 15 hours, 11 hours into our incarceration I am finally interviewed by two female CID officers.

I am informed that MP for Clwyd West David Jones and co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Nigel Roberts from Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, North Wales Police informant and publisher/co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Wendy Roberts, his wife and co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, Dylan Moore Solicitor and  co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and Ruby Williams co-author/contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar all felt threatened because I published this comment sent into my blog,

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
Bangers and Smash.
This was the justification North Wales Police say they needed to arrest me under section 4 of the harassment act, (violent harassment). Which entitled them to do all the above.