More troll blogs and more lies…..

Not surprisingly the new troll blog attacking members of VOO has gone quiet, the new troll blog is authored and contributed to by the same authors/contributors responsible for the troll blogs Thoughts of Oscar and CSI Llandudno.

That is despite the fact that in his official police statement, Nigel SAYS……Roberts, SAYS…..“a friend told me about this new blog *******, it appears to be very well written, along the lines of my blog Thoughts of Oscar, (that in itself is a joke Thoughts of Oscar was renowned for being illiterate), it is attacking people belonging to victims of oscar, I believe it’s being made to look like it is me”.

It was discovered last week that its actually being published by a good friend of Nigel SAYS…..Roberts, Steve ‘Rico’ Davies, as was their last troll blog CSI Llandudno.

Although Nigel SAYS…..Roberts, on the 27-04-2015, in an official police statement, he had never heard of CSI Llandudno, yet on the 20-04-2015 he promotes it on the closed page of his troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Ironically after realising his mistake he deletes the comment showing that support after he was interviewed under caution.

This new troll blog has been officially reported to both North & South Wales Police, not for one moment do we, the victims, believe North Wales Police will do anything to help us, but perhaps South Wales Police will.