Three weeks in…..

It is three weeks since North Wales Police decreed a raid on our home was justified because I published this comment, sent into my blog,

 The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
Bangers and Smash.
North Wales Police in their infinite wisdom stated this was enough to have me arrested for a section 4 harassment offence (Violent Harassment).
David Jones MP for Clwyd West
Nigel Roberts the internet troll responsible for the publication of the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar.
Wendy Roberts.
Dylan Moore
Ruby Williams, all stated they found the above comment threatening!!!! Why? can someone please explain the threat?
North Wales Police also decreed that my wife should also be arrested for a section 4 harassment offence, the mind boggles…..
The evidence they used to arrest my wife was as follows:
Nigel SAYS…..Roberts, states my wife was photographing the damage some one had done to his wife’s car and his own car, Roberts states she was using a large camera with a large lens supported by a green strap, he found this harassing, although it is completely untrue and has already been proved to be the case.
Wendy SAYS…..Roberts states the same but says the supporting strap was blue, they have no evidence of this because it is simply a lie.
Dylan SAYS….. Moore Says my wife was in my car  photographing damaged done to his car and he found this harassing, another lie, my wife was at work, this is something three weeks in that North Wales Police still have not checked, why?
Moore’s partner Mark SAYS…..Bonsall SAYS the same as Moore, another lie, which I have already proved but North Wales Police have yet to confirm.
But according to the sworn statements of these oh so credible witnesses North Wales Police arrested my wife in front of our children and dragged her away.
North Wales Police then removed from our homes all they possibly could including computers and I pads belonging to our three children, which they now say they need for up to five months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are completely innocent of that we have been accused and North Wales Police know this, they have abused their powers and will eventually be held accountable.
We have replaced many of the items stolen by North Wales Police, belonging to our children.
When you compare what the authors behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar were responsible for, which North Wales Police refuse to act against, there is absolutely no comparison, again North Wales Police will be held accountable in time.
We, that is to say our family are accepting the fact that this will drag on, but eventually we will be completely vindicated.
I am able to continue bringing this to the attention of the public because as a precaution since we were roped into this awful affair we have backed up, daily, our hard drives.
I have gone from being angry, to realising that patience and perseverance will one day reveal the truth behind this obviously corrupt situation
We are fortunate to have the services of Broadie Jackson Canter, who are handling the unprofessional actions of North Wales Police, not just against myself and family but against others who have been treated similarly.
We are also fortunate to have the assistance of Alex Fitzgerald a solicitor from Edward Hughes & Co.
The support we are receiving from members of the public is mounting and a great help, thanks.
To this day I do not know why North Wales Police are being so protective of the vile trolls behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, but I am confident in time that will all be revealed.
This is a difficult and uncalled for time for my family but I will continue to fight for the truth, to my last breath.

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  1. My sympathy goes out to the family for all the totally unnecessary trouble they have suffered, and especially to the innocent children, who have been caught up in this horrendous police behaviour. Well OTT and definitely not in accordance with current Police guidelines. All the officers concerned from the Senior Ranks downwards need severe disciplinary action and retraining.
    The family are getting tremendous support from many local, and not so local, people, including members of the Police Force who themselves are disgusted that they are being tarnished with the same brush as those involved in these actions. The whole Police Federation do not seek or want this type of publicity, or such Officers amongst their ranks.

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