Repeating ourselves…..

For seven years the internet trolls responsible for the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar viciously attacked whom ever they choose.

They threatened adults, businesses and children.

They stole the identities of other people to attack their victims.

The harassment against their victims was terrible.

If anyone sort to discover their identities they used their influential connections in North Wales Police to try and silence them. 

Many people complained to North Wales Police, but each complainant was sent away having been told the police had no knowledge of the blog and no idea who was behind it.

There are some very concerned people involved with the Thoughts of Oscar blog, concerned because they are trying every thing they can to silence the likes of me, and why? because I refuse to to allow this corrupt horrible situation to disappear.

What are this bunch of internet trolls trying to hide, that is apart from their involvement in that terrible troll blog.

In March of this year I opened this blog, for the sole purpose of exposing the obvious involvement of Officers within the ranks of North Wales Police and the authors behind the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar.

My motivation for this came as a direct result of the decision by Superintendent John Hanson, not to carry out a thoroughly professional investigation behind the authorship of that troll blog as ordered.

  • Hanson never interviewed Nigel Roberts, the self confessed author.
  • Hanson never arrested Roberts or sort to seize his computers etc, this is despite a mountain of evidence, including homophobic hate crimes, hate crimes against disabled children, threats to have people shot, calling innocent people rapists, drug dealers, paedophiles, the list goes on.
  • When asked in a recorded meeting why he, Hanson didn’t arrest Roberts or interview him, Hanson said there was not enough evidence and that most of what the Thoughts of Oscar blog published was hearsay and /or freedom of speech.
In May this year I was arrested twice, because of false allegations made about me by Nigel Roberts, his wife and MP for Clwyd West David Jones, because of their lies and my innocence all allegations came to nothing.
On 7th of October this year I was arrested again, as was my wife and our home was raided, North Wales Police took all electrical items including an Xbox, they took personnel papers and our passports, they took all our children’s electrics, they did not adhere to PACE, something which we are dealing with legally.
This is the reasons for my arrest under section 4 of the harassment act (violent harassment) (they used this particular act because they did not require a warrant to raid our home, knowing full well a magistrate would never have granted one if they had of had to request the use of a warrant).

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.
Yes that is it, someone sent this comment into my blog (for all I know it could have been one of the authors behind the blog Thoughts of Oscar), and I published it.
Nigel and Wendy Roberts along with Dylan Moore, Ruby Williams and yes you guessed it MP for Clwyd West David Jones, all came together and claimed they found the above comment a threat, and as a consequence felt in fear of violence.
I suspect they were ably assisted in this claim by Superintendent John Hanson.

This is all that North Wales Police needed!!!!!!!!!to arrest me for a section 4 harassment offence.

The Thoughts of Oscar blog was responsible for so much harassment and spite yet Superintendent John Hanson declared there was not enough evidence to interview Nigel Roberts let alone arrest him or seize his belongings.

Perhaps I am missing something here, is there a law that says one person can be treated differently to another, that’s despite the fact that the accusations made against them are the same, yet the later has a mountain of incriminating evidence against him where as the former has that one above comment.

Or is it simply because North Wales Police and their Masonic members are protecting the masonic members of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, like MP for Clwyd West David Jones and his mate Nigel Roberts.

Or is it because North Wales Police have been incredibly complicit with the blog Thoughts of Oscar, they have used it as an itell system, Nigel Roberts passed information to and from the blog via the police, information that clearly prejudiced certain criminal trails, as far back as 2010.

Or is it because they are desperate to protect MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, for what I am not entirely sure but sooner or later this ugly mess will without a doubt come crashing down around them.

This stinks of corruption.