The Famous Five…..

The Famous Five…..
Julian, George, Dick, Anne & Timmy the dog.

Apart from the characters being from the upper class, something which grates me, these books were a delight to read, & I suspect were read by most of my generation.
They were what might be termed as nice.
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Locally we have a new bunch of thrill seeking warriors, who are now known as the Famous Five.
I know one of the five by Enid Blyton was a dog, to my mind this new bunch are all barking anyway, in addition in today’s vocabulary a dog could be a reference to a person and not necessarily a canine.
Anyway having sorted that one out let me introduce our very own Famous Five.

Here we have the leader of the pack, MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones.

This guy is ruthless and central to the adventures your about to read.

This character has lied about a victim of the famous five, to his friends in North Wales Police, resulting in his victim being arrested and incarcerated, but because it was a lie his victim was exonerated, and has now issued proceedings against the police.

 Dylan Moore, this character is a great talker, he is excellent at bigging himself up and dropping others in it.

Pivotal to the stories your going to read.

Moore is, yes you guessed it also a liar.

Because of an untruthful statement Moore made recently to the police, an innocent lady, a lovely lady, a mother and a wife was arrested and falsely incarcerated, evidence has been provided to the police which clearly demonstrates this lovely lady’s innocence but as yet the police are refusing to act on that evidence, Why?

Nigel Roberts, a recently retired teddy bear seller and publisher of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

This character is a proven liar and is excellent with both a wooden spoon and a keyboard, one might refer to him as being a keyboard warrior.

Roberts has lied in more than one official police statement about the same lovely lady Moore has lied about and the same victim his friend and leader David Jones lied about.

Meet Wendy, no not as in Wendy from the Peter Pan Stories, this Wendy is quite different & is Nigel’s wife.

Wendy is also a proven liar, but how good with a wooden spoon and a keyboard she is I can only surmise.

Wendy has also lied in more than one official police statement about the same lovely lady Moore has lied about and the same victim her friend and leader David Jones lied about.

Last but by no means least, introducing Ruby, or more fondly known as Red Wine Ruby.
Ruby is also a proven liar, infamous for making late night abusive calls then the very next day contacting her friends in North Wales Police to claim the person she abused over the telephone was actually calling her up and being abusive to her.
What Ruby did not realise is that person she abused and lied to the police about records all calls made by him and made to him.
So there we have the characters belonging to this modern day famous five, they are the complete opposite to Enid Blytons famous five and their antics are quite bizarre, but I am sure you will find them an exciting read.