An email to PC Barlow…..

Conwy and Llandudno Local

8:57 AM (1 minute ago)

to Carl
PC Barlow

I have refrained from communicating with you as I feel there is no point, but circumstances have compelled me to do so.
I will bullet point my concerns.
  • Why have you not responded to my wife’s email?
  • Why have you not checked on my wife’s innocence re-the false allegations made against her.
  • Why have you not responded to the irrefutable evidence we have provided for you in defence of my wife.
A this point a will bullet point my concerns re-the above.
  • It is my belief you have not responded to my wife’s email because you have been instructed not to, just to string things along.
  • Nearly five weeks in and you have not attempted to check on my wife’s innocence, again just to string us along, you clearly have no interest in the truth.
So to continue.
  • Why are my children still without their belongings, a situation your told me three weeks ago you were working on????
  • Why are you still holding our belongings that have no hard drive or storage facility?
  • Where are our belongings being held and who is the officer in charge, could you please furnish me with that info so that I might communicate directly as you seem incapable.
  • We have instructed our solicitors to address the above points with you and your superiors, if you have not heard already then you should within the next few days.
Now for the big one.
  • Why is Ruby Williams so determined to contact me? last week she did so by email, yesterday she confronted me in Tesco’s.
  • I am feeling harassed and have reported this to you lot, I am in fear of being arrested for breaking my bail conditions, which I have not done but it appears Ruby Williams and the rest of the people that have lied about my wife and I are trying to entrap us.
  • Do I have any confidence North Wales Police will act against Ms Williams of the rest of the Famous Five, no I do not.
A copy of this email has been sent to my solicitor and to this gentleman/investigative reporter.Christopher Plumely….
R Windmill

3 thoughts on “An email to PC Barlow…..”

  1. Me thinks, Mr Windmill, that your efforts are a total waste of tome.
    North Wales Police are a Law unto themselves, only concened with protecting their own arses. Once The general public had respect for our Police Force, but sadly, not any more. We see misconduct being reported in the media on an almost daily basis, with Police Officers being involved in crime, perverting the course of justice and engaging themselves in corrupt practices. Fortunately there are some officers who have not yet submitted to these unlawful practices and we can only hope that Good will eventually Triumph over Evil. Good Luck to you and your family.

  2. I do presume you have communicated your issues with the PCC Winston Roderick and the Chief Constable? Maybe a tad more useful than the local plod

  3. WRONG YET AGAIN. You just don't listen. We, myself and lawyer, are still waiting for you to produce proof… 12 months on…. You can't.. Because it just does not exist. Ask Ian Ralph…. Who told you it ws a Ruby ROBERTS not ME. Your wife told me that and gave his number. NO FACTS… just hearsay on so many counts. Unlike the rest of your followers I have cojones…. Balls…. RUBY WILLIAMS the person you didn't even recognise in Tesco.

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