The Famous Five Come Together…..

How did this bunch of internet trolls come together? some of the facts we can only theorise, so lets start with the leader of the pack David Ian Jones.

Jones born in London in 1962, His father was a British army officer who later ran pharmacy’s in North Wales.

Jones benefited from a very privileged childhood who inherited his fathers estate, which enabled him to open his own law firm.

Jones’s early education was in Wales, studied law and ended up with his own practice on Trinity Square in Llandudno.

Jones had always harboured aspirations of being a politician and was first elected as an MP in 2005.

So when we look at Jones’s early life we see a child/young man who was gifted a fantastic start to life, certainly this man has never experienced what it is like to struggle or go without.

Typically of someone who has had such privileges Jones looks down on the ordinary working man, this is reflected in the recorded interviews I had with him where he speaks about working class people with such demeaning tones.

Jones like many of his ilk lives in a pretentious bubble of self-righteousness.

So why did Jones feel it necessary to get involved with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and inadvertently become a member of the Famous Five?

A question that can be possibly answered when we have introduced the rest of the gang.